2002 JR Promo set

Out of curiosity, what would be a fair price for a sealed set? (Celebi, Entei, Pikachu, Pichu, Mewtwo and Lugia?)

About $20-30 a card sounds about right

Thanks mate. Sweet, it seems like I got a good deal on a sealed set then.

Was it Matakuze’s set on eBay by any chance?

I seem to have missed that one, this is the one I purchased:


The matzuke one had a mewtwo unsealed with other merchandise… I asked him about a complete sealed set but he ignored me.

That’s a really good price! Congrats dam must of missed it

Matzuke is a strange one at times :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes I don’t get a reply or other times I get back and forth questions answered straight away