Sealed Demo Packs

Has anyone been looking at the prices on eBay lately for these?
Does something seem off to anyone else?

The prices just seem weird. There were a couple listed at absurdly high prices, but that happens. The auctions just look weird and all over the place from some unexpected sellers. The price has been pretty chill on these and there doesn’t seem to be a random hike in supply or demand. Relatively available, like always.

yeah wow, a few packs selling for $320-$380 AUD buy it now, and one selling for $255 AUD via bids recently, you can probably find the demo pack i bought on march 1st for $100 in sold listings, prices are crazy atm

Yeah, $80-120 is reasonable. $150 BINs don’t surprise me at all and whatnot. But I can’t tell if there was a random high sale that caused chaos, or what is going on.

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I’ve bought my copy of the pack for 150$ few years ago.

I bought one within the last year under $80. Had a tiny pin hole in it, so I passed it along, but that’s still not these prices. I’m simply wary is all. Suppose it makes the most sense to just let these decline on their own for a bit.

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slightly related… has anyone ever actually opened one of these?

It’s worthless if opened imo

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personally no, but ive read about whats inside.

some uncommon and common shadowless base cards

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Think about it…

Sealed items will continually go down in numbers as time goes on.

The demand continually is growing for pokemon cards.

Most people don’t have high budgets, so will choose to spend on lower pieces like decks.

it just seems like a logical trend.

I mean, I have post-secondary economics courses under my belt. But this is blatantly not about a basic trend. This is an abnormality about which we might theorize.

The number hasn’t gone down in terms of availability. More listed than before, even. And the sales are not any more frequent.


I have a few econ courses under my belt like @funmonkey54 . That being said… If quantity demanded as a whole is increasing a ton from the equilibrium. Then it is logical for the prices to increase as well. Just following the basic supply demand curve. Of course I was never that great at econ, so everything I just said could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, this is how a supply/demand curve works, but I’m saying that I don’t see the evidence of increased demand that isn’t being equally countered by an increased supply.

I think it’s much more likely a spontaneous high end price has inflated the price sellers think they’ll get, perhaps even with one or two successes at these prices, but that the unsustainable price on the proverbial cow has been milked for its worth.

I suspect these are listed above their worth and sales, or lack thereof, will reflect that in the short coming time.

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I listed mine when there were none on ebay. It sold and then a lot more were listed. Some collector’s may be scrambling just in case this is like what happened with the trainer decks


That would make a lot of sense.

I think what Rusty said is a very common trend in pokemon. You have the initial high sale, usually because there is one maybe two of something on the market, then everyone tries to copy.

This is why I would defend that 15th pika, as I have sold probably more than any seller, and the only high or outrageous time was when literally no one else had a copy on ebay. Now they are regularly on ebay, and they are averaging. Then again, it is a hobby, more specifically, pokemon, so economic theories are not always 100% applicable.

Value of Sealed Demo (no rips, tears, superb condition) = $80-$100, NO HIGHER! NO LESS!

What about the ones that sold for more? It is one thing giving a personal average I guess, but if an item actually sells, it actually sells.

If anything, completed listings of sealed packs have a conservative average of $200.

I bought mine for $85, sold it 2 years later for $220 >< . I still think it’s only worth $80-100 b/c if it accidentally opens, then you’re stuck with $5 worth of cards.


Even though i sold it for that high… i believe that it’s worth $80-100.