1998 Demo Packs

I’m wondering how many sealed demo packs may still be out there or were originally produced. What do people think and what are your opinions on them in general? Thank you.


Easily $10000 again :wink:

My general opinion of items like this, there is a lot more still out there than those holding let on. I’m sure some have very large quantities of these if they are anything like the Trainer A and B decks.


They’re very cool and a piece of history, but nobody is opening the things for some standard shadowless cards. From a value perspective I feel they are very niche, so while supply could be low, demand likely is too.


I like the Footprint of the Demo Pack. Sure inside are nothing special but i tend to care much more for the History and everyone who does like this for sure.
Everything related to Start of the Pokemon TCG is awesome. 1 Puzzlepiece that made Pokemon what it is today. Ok exaggerate, Bias detected.
Think so too,Niche of a Niche Value-wise.

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It’s like Japanese Jungle short packs. Nothing special inside, normal jungle cards, so it is quite a niche item but an extremely rare one and very interesting for booster packs collectors. (Same with Japanese base set short packs except an extremely few number of them might contain NR cards). So prices would still be very high even if there is not a high demand.

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Can’t imagine there are a ton of these left out there. In 1998, no one in the North America market really saw the Pokemon phenomenon coming. I love how the original WOTC products heavily utilized official Pokemon character art on their branding and cards (as seen on the border of this pack). It made the card and games and anime seem much more cohesive and intentional than modern product.