Pokemon Trivia Fun For All

Thought this might be fun and informational.

I’ll start it off…

With over 800 unique cards illustrated, Ken Sugimori is the most prolific Pokemon card artist.

Now without googling it, who is number 2?

Once the right answer comes out, anybody can start up a new Trivia question.


Mitsuhiro Arita has to be number 2.


I’m gonna guess Sui.

I’m with @smpratte. Either Mitushiro Arita or Ryo Ueda. I’ll go with Ryo Ueda just for the sake of being different.

I thought 5ban Graphics would be up there, but Artia has been around since the beginning.

So far…everybody is wrong;)

5ban or Kagemaru Himeno

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Bingo…Himeno. She is only a touch ahead of Arita. Both are over 500 but she’s a couple ahead.

Now, who has the next Trivia question?

Who has been featured on the most Pokemon cards? That is, what Pokemon has the most individual, different cards ?

@darkrai Close, Pikachu is #2 I believe :blush:

Edit: I should have specified, set-based cards. Pikachu is #1 if you include promos.


But after recent sets it could be Rayquaza lol

Gonna agree and say Charizard…or Raichu maybe?

It’s gotta be Raichu right??

Had we had many Raichus without having Pikachu?

Who's that pokemon!

Who’s that pokemon!

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I figured that most times Pikachu is in a set Raichu should be there as well. There’s also Shining Raichu and the exs, Lv Xs and whatever

@omahanime kinda had it…

Rayquaza takes it with 21 different set-based cards. If full arts, reprints, and alternate artworks are considered, Rayquaza comes in at 29.

Charizard has 19 different set-based cards. However when the full arts, reprints, and alternate artworks, and things like _____ Charizard are considered, it comes in at 28.

Keep in mind that none of these include promos, reverses, or jumbo box toppers.

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What was the first English release Pokemon card?


I know I have seen concept art for the original pokemon games and I am trying to think of the first few pokemon they created but I can’t remember where I was reading about that. As far as TCG goes my guess would be on the trainer decks as being the first thing sent over here, but I am not sure by any means.

Pokemon with the most cards in the sets… It has to be Unown

Meowth and Pikachu are “enemies”… even their Pokédex numbers confirm that!

Pikachu = 25
Meowth is the reverse! 52!

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