Pokemon Topps Collection (quest for chromes COMPLETE)

As a few of you probably know, I stopped collecting the TCG and only focus on collecting the pokemon topps sets. It’s been a great experience so far and has proved to be a lot more challenging than I could have thought. I just wanted to complete a collection that no one else ever has, and I am getting close do completing the collection of all the English topps cards in existence, just around 4300 cards. Also collecting the non english too but those are on the backburner.

That brings me to the chrome series 1 and series 2 sets. Apart from a few of the really obscure variants of other sets, these two sets are probably around the hardest to complete. For instance, I only know of one individual in all of my searching that has a complete series 1 set and no complete series 2 sets. If they are out there, the people owning them are just not active. Here’s a little bit of info to show how interesting the set is.

These are the four insert sets that are a part of both series 1 and series 2. They are from left to right, base, spectra, sparkle, and tekno. The last three can be identified by indicating text on the back.

The Series 1 set consists of pokemon #1-78 and Series 2 consists of pokemon #79-151
Here is an example of the series 1 box

and Series 2 box

Each box comes with 30 packs of 5 cards

There are usually 2 teknos, 3 sparkles, and 15 spectras per box. So on top of low production number, especially series 2, you have to open at a bare minimum of 40 boxes per series to complete the set.

My goal, of course has been to complete both sets. Over the course of the last two years, I have purchased, traded and scoured the internet to turn up everything that I could. I have made pretty significant progress, but there is still work ahead.

I have had help from one or two members here on this forum, espicially @gottaketchumall .

Here is an album of what I have so far

Checklist: Quest Complete!

Last few English cards that I need

First Movie
Black Logo Rainbow Sand

Black Logo Silver Smooth(Rogue)

I need non English topps cards!!


Awesome cards and awesome work on the progress so far!

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Nice thread. We’re learning something:)

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Chrome Gains:

Somehow I found a complete series 2 tekno set. I’m not sure who put it together as the seller “didn’t know where he got it from” I think it might have been a give away set or something to an employee. I guess it’s possible that they were all pulled from packs and someone just pawend their set off. Either way it’s the only complete set I have ever heard of. They are very near pack fresh condition.

Complete Album of scans: imgur.com/a/9Ig1t


totally amazing whos is it out on interest and is he or she selling it :blush: be amazing to see what that sort of thing goes for at auction

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it’s mine now :wink:

amazing u just got the complete set well done man your closes in the world right to completing this then?

think so. gonna use some of these extras to trade for some of the other sparkles I need hopfully.

amazing if you can complete series 2 thats the hard one what u pay out of interest :blush:

too much

haha worth it through probably the only one or one of two as i heard about the guy in new york

They’re beautiful!

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Thanks for the background knowledge on Topps card, learning something new everyday :blush:

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After doing some research seems like there are many variations of topps, anyone know of a place to learn more on them?


Bulbapedia is always great.


So is e4.

I checked bulbapedia and seen nothing on chrome topps so I posted here, not sure if I overlooked it?

See link 2.

no problem man there is a lot of information that’s not out there. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them for you. There is not too much I don’t know about these sets after 2 years of hunting a tracking them down.

Chrome Gains

Thanks again @gottaketchumall

now i just gotta figure out how to bust him free


I think there’s a video on here somewhere, but be careful opening it.