Seeking Pokemon Topps Chrome

I am looking for Topps Chrome Series 1 and 2 parallel inserts a.k.a. Sparkling Chrome and Tekno Chrome cards. I am not looking for any of the base chrome cards, and not really looking for any Spectra Chrome either (though lot offers may be considered). Always on the look-out for sealed product too. These Sparkling and Teknos are very hard to come by, so I would be willing to pay $10 or more for just about any certain Tekno Chrome cards.

If you have and/or know anyone who may have some for sale please let me know (:

Average prices:

$3 per sparkle-chrome
$7 per tekno-chrome

Obviously more for starters and legendaries :blush:

I also have to offer for trade and/or sale a PSA 8 NM-MT “No Stage” Blastoise

Thank you


I love these Topps cards - but I feel dumb. What are the differences in the types of chrome foils? I do know that I have seen the same pokemon have different types of chrome holos. I just always thought it was due to different factories that printed the cards.

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The Topps Chrome cards all say “Topps Chrome” on the top of the card. There are two Topps Chrome sets, Series 1 and Series 2. Series 1 features pokemon #1-76 and Series 2 features #77-151. Both sets have 4 types of cards each: Base Cards (say nothing on the back), Spectra (says Spectra-Chrome on back), Sparkling (says Sparkling-Chrome on back), and Tekno (guess what it says on back :wink: ).

There are also TV Animation Series 1, 2, and 3. The Series 1 and 2 cards look just like the Chrome cards, except they don’t say “chrome” up top. These cards feature additional cards known as scene cards, which picture a scene from the anime episodes. Every card in the set comes in regular non-holo form and holo-foil.

Ok now I will have to look more closely at my Topps cards. Thanks.

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Hey Venosaur! :blush: Love your vids and again gratz on those veno pulls :wink: I know your looking to buy the tekno and sparkle chrome cards, but I just have to ask, would you be willing to sell a complete base chrome series 2 set? Maybe we can work something out I’m very interested in buying a full Chrome series 2 set, but just the base chrome’s, no tekno or sparkle or spectra.

Sorry if this wasn’t the best place to ask you but a big thanks for your consideration :blush:

Welcome here! Posts like this should be done via private message (the ‘Messages’ tab along the top of your page), there you can initiate a conversation with any user about purchasing things. This is to avoid bumping old threads, this thread had its last post over 3 months ago.

Gotcha thanks :blush: