Pokemon Shiny Hunting In The Video Games

Inspired by the recent discussion in this thread: Hoenn Hoes - #202 by ascendedbidoof

I thought having a separate thread for shiny hunting in the video games could be useful!

I very very casually shiny hunt, I’m looking at trying to get a shiny marill on Gen 2 next with the shiny Gyarados method.

Yesterday I found a Shiny Marill on Pokemon Sapphire, it took about 10 hours total in-game time (started over 6 months ago, doing 5 mins here and there!)

What are you currently hunting?


Not currently hunting anything but I have a large majority of the shinies in Legends Arceus. Only ones I’m missing are Cherubi, Cherrim and Pokemon that can only be found in the time rifts. I guess the legendaries as well but I think those are shiny locked in game

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Okay I guess posting in this thread just gave me incredible luck because I just hatched this shiny Cyndaquil in Sapphire! I wasn’t even shiny hunting it!


I was doing some RNG manipulation on Emerald so I could build a solid shiny team to use when beating all of Battle e Cards for gen 3 games.

This guy on YouTube does fantastic explanations of everything. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s also not impossible. I managed to get shiny rayquaza doing this, then tried for feebas, but as he explains, feebas is a random chance of encounter instead of planned, so I actually had to catch 4 shiny carvanah doing it before I even got one feebas :rofl: was pretty brutal.


Nice I was thinking we should have a shiny hunting sub :pray:


Wow, congrats!!

I’ve always wanted to go after the shiny starters across the Gen 3 games, but mass soft resets/egg hatching is more than I can bare at old school full shiny odds…it’s random luck like that, or bust for me!

Think it was my fault for derailing the Hoen Hoes thread when I showed off the random shiny Corphish I’d just found while EV training in Emerald last weekend (now a beastly Crawdaunt), so it’s nice to have a dedicated thread for game shinies.

I like to keep track of all my accidental 1/8192 odds shiny luck from over the years:

Silver: Girafarig (failed)
FireRed: Magnemite (caught)
LeafGreen: Drowzee (caught), Pidgey (failed)
Emerald: Corphish (caught)
Platinum: Growlithe (caught)
SoulSilver: Pidgey (caught), Geodude (caught)
VC Crystal: Zubat (caught), Igglybuff (hatched)

Shinies after that point seemed much easier to find, so I don’t take as much pride in the boxes worth of them I have from Gen 6 onwards.


This is my most recent shiny hunted on ruby and sapphire


Does shiny hunting in Pokémon go count? :sweat_smile:

But I do try to shiny hunt in gen 2 games


Man, this brings back memories. Cool to see people still shiny hunt with this method.

@TheMarillFoundation, I would need to dig up my HGSS cartridge, but Marill was actually the first shiny I ever caught!


Gonna quote my post on the last thread for pictures and use this post to gush about hunting lol.

I love shiny hunting to death. As a kid I was always so daunted by it. Like my thoughts would be “it would take me years to do something like that” or “this will be so boring I just cant!”. Full odds was a no go for me and even masuda hunts felt like they would take forever. I did it on and off with methods from gens 6-8 and then at one point I was talking with a friend about playing through FireRed again(My favorite game) and he brought up to maybe try hunting and doing a DTQ(Dream Team Quest which is you get 6 dream shinies for you team). I guess the best way to put is was I didn’t feel daunted anymore and was in fact excited. I thought this was a challenge I could take on now. So I started hunting Charmander in FR and Regigigas in DPP(a dream shiny of mine at full odds for years at that point).

This was all in August 2022. Flashforward to now and hunting has become just as big a part of my collecting identity as cards have. I simply love it. I’ve grown past my fears of hunts from when I was a kid and realized they aren’t some daunting task I could never do, but rather a test of my patience and perseverance at something, something I can enjoy with friends or while we relax and hangout or alone for that matter, something that can give you a great rush and sense of accomplishment, and something I just think is fun.

My last shiny was a shiny zigzagoon on Thursday which is phase 14 of my shiny ralts in RS hunt and I intend to get plenty more.


I’m a MASSIVE fan of shiny hunting haha. Currently going for shiny Giratina in BDSP and a shiny Sneasel in Crystal to finish out my badge quest team. Here are some highlights of mine over the last 3-4 years:


Big fan of shiny hunting as well! I don’t hunt regularly, but do so when I have the time and energy for it. Here’s a couple of full-odds shinies I’ve gotten over recent years.


after thousands of hours, i was determined to get a full odds just once. it only took 1,039 resets, but that’s the universe paying me back for the aforementioned time.


My newest shiny if this counts


I love shiny hunting! My most recent hunt was Lugia in Soul Silver, 30k resets deep. Happened to get it flying for a work trip. Made the trip that much better!


That’s amazing - I would love to see that!

Amazing to see the shinies so far in this thread!


I am debating attempting doing a half shiny soul silver play through. So shiny starter plus two other shinies


Give it a go! HGSS is a great game to hunt in


Yeah I’m looking forward to it!

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