Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Video Game Discussion

The game is out, discuss your experience and thoughts!


2 out of 3 of the starters are bipedal. :melting_face:


Who else got the game tonight? Happy release day everyone!:partying_face:


1.2 hrs in, Spent an hour on the character customization part, 10/10 game so far.


I actually feel very excited about the new gen! Gen 8 had to grow up on me a bit but this gen has a lot of designs and solutions i really like, i haven’t played the games in ages since i don’t have anything to play with but super super excited to start another pokedex collection for gen 9!

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downloading right now. i really enjoyed legends arceus so im actually excited for this one. digging lot of the new pokemon designs but not the biggest fan of the starters final evos

I’m in the negative nancy camp here but this will be the first mainline game I skip. I was pretty disappointed in Sword / Shield, it felt severely unpolished and slapdash. I don’t think Gamefreak should be making pokemon anymore tbh.

I’ll still buy the cards and the merch. :pensive:


Fuecoco’s line is the most curious one I’ve seen, I think it will be iconic in the future. Quaquaval is the most forgettable final evolution, I can’t believe we’ve moved from Blastoise to this. Sprigatito had a lot of potential, but its final evolution is meh, in my opinion.


I’d love to hear what people’s first thoughts of the game are. I’m on the fence about buying this today or waiting for further reviews. I bought SwSh about a year after they came out and was glad I didnt pay full price.

  1. No Garbodor and Vanilluxe in the game;
  2. Innovative mechanics and beautiful story;
  3. Gorgeous Paradox formes of classic Pokémon.
    For me is a buy it now :wink:
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Which game is better? I’ll go get one later.

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An overall improvement to the franchise, however they should really just have battling/catching in the overworld with the system more action-rpg orientated (akin to FInal Fantasy 12/Pokemon Quest). You can be running around the open world with 6 Pokémon out of their poke balls tearing up bosses and other Pokémon/trainers.

Nintendo: Ok guys, we WONT make the fire starter bipedal :wink:


why they always got to make the final evolutions so ugly

why can’t a cute starter stay cute :man_shrugging:
This is why I never evolve my starters anymore.

I’m not the typical person that heavily complains about Pokémon all the time, in fact I always try to stay positive as I love the franchise and the games. I enjoyed a lot arceus and most of recent games, and I am enjoying this one as well and love the concept of mixing up open world and classic games, but you can’t say 10/10 with the complete TRASH graphics they have released the game. Is completely indefensible, you can’t release a game in 2022 with such poor performance, it really makes playing the game experience much worse. I didn’t complain about arceus graphics as they were fairly decent and didn’t affect the gameplay experience, but this game performance is worse than a N64 game


I 100% agree. I feel like people were complaining just to complain about Legends Arceus’s graphics. They really weren’t that bad. But Violet is buggy on a level comparable to Red/Blue version. I consistently encounter textures not fully loading, horrible and distracting frame rate drops, and have had the game crash on me twice in only 6 total hours of gameplay. Apparently, there is a memory leak issue and restarting your switch and fully closing the game in between play sessions will resolve some of these things. Regardless, I think if this wasn’t a Pokemon game, this would either be a forgotten title, or a laughing stock how No Man’s Sky was upon original release. The gameplay is very fun, but man are there some serious patches in order.


To be fair, every generation has had 2 bipedal and one non-bipedal starter besides gens 5 (1 bipedal) and 8 (3 bipedal).

I think the problem isn’t necessarily the Pokémon being bipedal. Everyone here loves Charizard and Blastoise, and those are both bipedal. The problem is the starter designs themselves. Recent gens have made them look more human than animal, almost as if a person is wearing a fur suit. I think this trend started in gen 6 and thus far has peaked in gen 8. The new starters this gen are better than those immediately previous, but on a whole still not as good as anything before.


The distain is definitely making them look like humans. Charizard and Blastoise are so good because they look like actual creatures/monsters.

I think the first forms of all 3 are cute, especially fuecoco. But these are the most lackluster final forms imo.


All three first forms definitely gave me hope the final evolutions would be great. Unfortunately I can’t say any of them stand out from each other or previous gens. Fuecoco’s middle evolution is better than it’s final stage, imo. They should’ve kept with that theming instead of forcing the design into a Fire/Ghost role.