Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Glitches

I’ve previously done all of these except the SS. Anne one but I knew how to do it. My favourite was the catching mew glitch I used to do it with every trainer I could just to see what I’d get. Too cool. The duplicating one in gold/silver is great too and duplicates items aswell.

Very cool! To bad my Red version is broken :slightly_frowning_face:

RBY glitches are so much fun. When you count up the number of attacks in RBY that are glitched and/or don’t work properly, it’s… shocking really. I think my favorites are Hyper Beam not needing a turn to recharge if it KOs the opponent, or Leech Seed’s damage increasing each turn when it’s inflicted on a Pokemon that was poisoned from Toxic.

A lot of the attacks aren’t so much “glitched,” but they don’t work the way they were intended to work due to bad programming in RBY. For example, Focus Energy is supposed to raise the critical hit ratio in RBY, which it does do in Stadium and later games, but in RBY it either does nothing at all or prevents the user from ever landing another critical hit, depending on whether the user goes first or second.

Toxic + Leech Seed is an actual glitch, though, because they use the same damage counter. Inflicting both on the same Pokemon will make Leech Seed’s damage increase with Toxic’s, like I said before.

There’s also a REALLY annoying glitch with Rage where, if you use Rage and it ends up missing, the Pokemon will always miss when it keeps attacking with Rage after that. I found that out the hard way when I had my Charmander use Rage on Sabrina’s Abra in Yellow… Abra doesn’t have any attacks so that pretty much rendered the game unbeatable and I had to reset because neither Pokemon could hurt the other.

Frost I knew about all the aforementioned ones but I didn’t know about leech seed and toxic :open_mouth: that is awesome I could pimp out my Venusaur that way!

Lol Pimpkarp!! Quite enjoyed that. Super excited for Black/White 2 or whatever the next game is called

@frostyfluxy – This is my favourite video regarding NFE Tier Sweeps. I love watching these types of video game battles :heart:

There is a second method to re-board the S.S. Anne – even after obtaining CUT and leaving the ship.

Awesome, thanks Unique!

@cbd1235 – You’re welcome!

@frostyfluxy – Yes, I think it is the easier method for the majority of players. I myself like to utilize the easiest and/or quickest method for any glitch. A quintessential example is the Mew Glitch; I like to use the TELEPORT technique instead of the original FLY variant.

Yeah I always used the teleport variant mainly because I wanted mew early on the few times I put him in my party :stuck_out_tongue:

here is an interesting page with information about missingno, like how the player-name affects its level and appearance

unfortunately it is german, so maybe you can use google translate :wink:

I found a nice page with all the glitches: