Pokemon market rolling Analytics "Japanese cards in the USA"

I mean, most Pokemon youtubers haven’t been around long enough to understand trends in the market and how to react accordingly when the market is up or down or whatever. It’s like taking investment advice from people that just made a ton of money off one crypto/stock boom and thinking they now know the secrets to making money.

Poor people giving poorer people investment advice


A broken Charizord can be right twice a day though.


Except when Rudy tells you that every SW & SH BB under $200 is underpriced.

At no one point can you ever prove they won’t hit $200. If it cannot be disproven, it must be the truth.

Pushed it a little harder the last 7 days due to the motivation from this thread.
New set released last week so sales are a little higher.
Apr 26, 2024 - May 2, 2024
$20,909.00 Gross Sales
$17,923.81 Gross Revenue
1833 # Cards sold
99% Japanese raw singles.
Chart is cards sold last 7 days


It’s impressive you can keep any inventory while selling 1000+ cards every week!

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100,000,000’s of pokemon cards are printed monthly. Supply is not a problem. Probably could 10x my volume and still be able source easy.

Dabbling in sourcing other sellers and sealed now. The margins are very thin, is it worth it? IDK.


Pokemon youtubers / influencers are of the same ilk as all other social media gurus. It’s entertainment masquerading as education targeting desperate people looking for quick money.

The only goal is to exploit their audience’s desperation/greed to generate advertising revenue and/or drive traffic to low quality (but expensive) courses.

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Congrats on your success. TBH I can’t help but chuckle at seeing this thread - weren’t you just claiming to run a very inefficient / amateur business in that other thread? Meanwhile in here you’re showing evidence that you ship more volume than Z&G per month. I give you credit it’s quality content lol

What platforms do you sell on?


LOL, can you imagine if i really put effort in this. Yes, i run a very lazy hobby amateur operation that does professional numbers. Lovin’ it.

rolling 30 day
top 10 buyers.
Quality, trust and speedy shipping = repeat customers .

Green number good.