Pokemon market rolling Analytics "Japanese cards in the USA"

Just some personal analytics of the Japanese cards market in the USA.

Will post a rolling 30 days, 3 months , one year and year to date.
These are my personal statistics,

Read the numbers as you like. We are always trying to improve and try different selling techniques .

Started selling about 13 months ago. Have collected a long time.

Mar 15, 2023 - Mar 13, 2024 rolling year


Curious to know how many cards you have listed / list per day to do this sort of volume? You’re absolutely killing it man

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Hey, can you give tips on someone thats selling with low inventory?

Will not post to much specifics cause someone keeps editing my posts and members are really comical , So blame them for me not helping more.

The worst part is the packing & shipping.

Month of Feb 2024 , notice the zero sales. Was in Japan the end of jan and fist few days of feb. Vacation mode. Have to have fun.

  • Was against PWE for the longest time, but did a test run, IT WORK and sales jumped. Might be more people willing to buy cheaper singles and liking the quality and becoming repeat buyers. PWE took the sales to a next level.

Jan 1, 2024 - Mar 19, 2024
Order count (cards sold) = 13593
99% Japanese
95% Raw
Thinking of slowing down on slabs, margin is smaller and grading has too many moving parts to rely on. (shipping to, turnaround time, shipping back, lost, theft ,scandals ,grader and everything else).
Most customers say they want raw anyway.
*chart = orders (cards sold)

what program are you using to generate these graphs?

Yen is weak, buy buy buy

At $33 a box, might as well buy some. Dont really like sealed. hassle to transport.


What’s your margins like on singles?

anywhere from -50% to 2000%
expected avg, 100%-400%. with lower % on higher end cards.
Looks like the current market is moving towards lower end cards.
yesterdays orders for the first time consisted of 2x PWE orders (under $20). . Will cut down on slabs , slabs have too many uncontrollable factors and small % margins.


Crimson Haze if flying out.


Month of march 2024
8490 cards sold.

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Any analytics on which crimson haze in particular did especially well for you?

growlithe , eevee.


Just bought 20 of these boxes does seem a really good price per box :+1:

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30 day rolling GROSS SALES. not profit
95% japanese raw
thinking about selling sealed and less slabs.