Pokémon Illustrator Card Code Giveaway

Who’s excited to not get sent a code this time? :upside_down_face:


No, please, hold off on the Greninja cards for a while!

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Returns: A fee of $8 USD or $8 CAD will be applied to US/CA returns related to orders that originally contained the Pokémon Illustration Contest promo cards. This fee will be applied regardless of whether the promo cards are included in the return.

Looks like returns were abused for SDC


It’s a free card already, I can’t believe people would return the products so their free card is even free-er


Here we go again!!! :tada:

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Dear Pokémon:
Do better this time around getting codes out, 1 per person. Not thousands per bot.


A lot of changes recently. This is the first time this kind of promo is printed in another language outside of Japanese.


FWIW, and I feel dirty for saying this, but I almost hope it does get botted again, so I can buy $5 codes from eBay and get 20 of these promos. If they fix it and everyone gets only one, then it’s less likely you’ll be able to buy additional codes on eBay for cheap.

A balanced allotment would ensure everyone gets one, so ultimately it would be best for the community as a whole…

… but the selfish part of me sees botted allotment as a way to ensure anyone that wants 20 of them could do so without paying $100 per code.


I see what you are getting at. The best solution is any order placed for $30+ of product gets the 3 cards for free, run the promotion for like 1 month or until supplies last.

Writing code to bot out emails and the codes is easy, and easy to sell. Having to place order after after and using real money to get the cards for resale is a much higher barrier to entry for these guys that have nothing better to do but sell codes for $5.


As long as the QC is much better than SD Zard, I am good. Hopefully I can get a 10 candidate Greninja without much effort!

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Also this year has been one if not the year with less japanese exclusive stuff.

Seems tpci is aiming for something close as “global parity” as possible.

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Has anyone seen the copies the contest winners received?

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Here we go again! Signed up at 8 am let’s see if I get in. Not worried about it this time tho. Hopefully there is room on the #gotcode gang

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Cast a wide net again and entered 6 times. :grimacing:

I got codes for 3 of my 6 entries on Special Delivery Charizard.

Is there any difference between these promos and the Japanese ones released last week through the Pokemon Center (apart from the obvious language, backing, etc)?

Edit: I could be wrong but I believe the Japanese promo pack was available with any purchase of 2000 yen (roughly $15usd) or more from the Japanese Pokemon Center and didn’t require a code? I find it odd that they need to do this code raffle and require a $30 minimum everywhere else.

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How expensive or inexpensive do you think these cards will go for? I really can’t justify spending like $25 along with another 20-30 in shipping to get these free cards from Japan.

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I’m seeing the Japanese versions on ebay for close to $15 with free shipping. It will only come down with some more time.

Too bad we europeans are always excluded from this giveaways.


I bought 2 packs of the Japanese cards from eBay. Couldn’t find anything on the Pokemon Center site that would be worth paying big shipping fee’s for.
But same thing as noted above, I paid $15 per pack with free shipping.

Got mine for $13 with free shipping.