Pokemon events/shows calendar Europe?

Since I am based in the Netherlands I basically only know of Dutch (and some Belgium) shows, so I will start with making the calendar for these countries. But if anyone knows about any other shows in other countries please just leave a reaction I will edit the OP.

28/01/2023 pokemonbeurs Venray https://www.pokemon-beurs.nl/
29/01/2023 Pokedayz Maarssen https://www.pokedayz.nl/
05/03/2023 Rijsenhout
18/03/2023 and 19/03/2023 pokemon VGC special event Jaarbeurs Utrecht
26/03/2023 Pokedayz Maarssen
23/04/2023 Collect A Con Nijkerk (not just pokemon) https://www.collectacon.nl/nijkerk2023/
28/05/2023 Pokedayz Maarssen
11/06/2023 Rijsenhout
30/07/2023 Pokedayz Maarssen
1/10/2023 Pokedayz Maarssen
26/11/2023 Pokedayz Maarssen

05/04/2023 Pokedayz Sint Niklaas

25/02/2023 Cardshow Suisse Solothurn

Whenever new pokemon days are scheduled I will update the thread I think:) Any help with other countries is also greatly appreciated!


5 maart en 11 juni for now.
I didn’t had time to approach everybody who wanted to sell, but I will try next week.

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Thanks so much @thymeee for doing this. Appreciate the info.


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In Switzerland, Cardshow Swiss will be held on February 25 in Solothurn. Not just Pokémon, but last time it was certainly the largest franchise at the show.

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I heard there was a Collect-a-con type show in April in Paris, France. Something like “la gamma”. But I couldn’t find anything on Google.