Pokemon events/shows calendar Europe

Since I am based in the Netherlands I basically only know of Dutch (and some Belgium) shows, so I will start with making the calendar for these countries. But if anyone knows about any other shows in other countries please just leave a reaction I will edit the OP.

26/12/2023 pokemon xmas beurs den bosch

14/01/2024 pokegarden jaarbeurs Utrecht

20/01/2024 pokeview beurs Hilversum

28/01/2024 pokedayz maarssen

17-18/02/2024 pokemonkelworld Houten

24/02/2024 pokemon beurs venray

24/03/2024 pokedayz maarssen

30/03/2024 pokemon en crazy spring dag Reusel
01/04/2023 pokemon paasbeurs arnhem
07/04/2023 pokemon beurs utrecht overvecht
02/06/2024 pokedayz maarssen

28/07/2024 pokedayz maarssen

28/01/2024 mini pokebeurs gavere
17/02/2024 pokedayz Brugge

04/05/2024 pokefest Kalken

16/06/2024 pokedayz Brugge

20-21/01/2024 gala tcg Köln

06/04/2024 trading card convention Hamburg





Whenever new pokemon days are scheduled I will update the thread I think:) Any help with other countries is also greatly appreciated!


5 maart en 11 juni for now.
I didn’t had time to approach everybody who wanted to sell, but I will try next week.

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Thanks so much @thymeee for doing this. Appreciate the info.



In Switzerland, Cardshow Swiss will be held on February 25 in Solothurn. Not just Pokémon, but last time it was certainly the largest franchise at the show.


I heard there was a Collect-a-con type show in April in Paris, France. Something like “la gamma”. But I couldn’t find anything on Google.

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This also can be added to the list I believe. Kanto Fair Its a Pokemon convention featuring a TCG tournament, trade areas, vendors etc.

April 2nd 2023, Maaspoort Den Bosch, The Netherlands.



Yes !
Gala TCG” 22 & 23 APRIL 2023



Are there any Events after Worlds 2023 in Germany/Belgium/Netherlands? :slight_smile:

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I will update the calendar today, I know of one event in Belgium, several in the Netherlands and of none in germany in the coming months

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Is this thread only for Active events or Will It have historical values?
I mean, you will ever count past events or just plan to make a calendar for 2023 and forward to everyone who’s interested into going to them in the future?

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I did not think historical dates would be useful, but I also have not been regularly updating this thread. When I update it today I think I will delete all the old events, but if you think it would be useful please let me know:)


Understood, for past events eventually we’ll make another thread.
I think it’ll have some value to document past events like pokumon does, honestly.

But since it’s not the case now I’ll just go with this:
Pokémon special 2023, between the 3rd and 4th of June in Italy, Torino

Not sure yet what’s about, source say it will be related to TCG, VGC and Pokémon GO.
It should be a parallel event to the one you listed on 18-19 of March in the Netherlands, so you may know more than me about it


Just updated the OP, with the Italian event as well. I was not at the event in Utrecht unfortunately. The event was huge, but focussed more on the actual card game than on collecting, but I heard there were some nice mini games and all collectors I spoke to that attended had a great day as well.


Hamburg Cardshow on June 24th for all my German Fellows :slight_smile:


Ive been to several (in the netherlands) and it is always worth it to go! Not only to buy (although there is a great amount of pokemon stuff, with a lot of slabs), but also to meet new collectors which are just as passionate!

Sound interesting, but I can’t find a lot of information on it.
Broken link to Instagram is all I can find.
Do you know any more about it maybe?

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In Spain we have nothing similar! Netherlands seems to have lots of action going on with regarding TCG.

Which is the biggest one of all of this events? Anyone that out stands the rest? I would love to travel to 1-2 events per year and get to meet other collectors and have some chats and beers!

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Unfortunately not :frowning: But I am curious for more information to come. As I am already living in Hamburg it`s a must-visit for me anyway just for the feeling :slight_smile:

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I would say the biggest one (stature wise) was the Pokemon Regional Championships that were held in March this year. Although I could not attend that, I did attend another local event where I did manage to meet one fellow E4 member @thymeee

Considering it was my first event, I had a lot of fun just exposure wise. There was a lot of things going on to be able to grasp everything fully and I took some time to get into the groove fully. I am unsure of what a big event is supposed to look like, maybe some more experienced members can fill that in. But indeed, would be nice to have a E4 EU meetup someplace / time.



If your goal is to meet people, either worlds or one of the Noth American Regionals that have an artist visiting are the most popular. I’ve met many Europeans at these events!