Pokemon Regionals Schedule 2023 Released


Any close to you??


None of these are super ideal but I will definitely be at a few if there are more signing events :slight_smile:

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Already booked my trip to Stuttgart and I’ll also try my luck at Dortmund and the special event in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately they increased the required CP to attend worlds :sob:

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Stuttgart sounds interesting.
When do they usually announce what is happening on these events? And if they do a signing?

Will also try to be for the Netherlands special event just as a spectator and to witness the event. Never been to any before.


Hopefully there is alittle more notice if any guests will be at the events. I know that it isnt always possible but exciting to see what comes of this season.

Nice that Toronto is getting one. My travel budget is reserved for going to Japan at the end of the year so I’m happy I can attend at least one of these still!


Toronto and the Arita signing was a blast last year, here’s to hoping for similar this year, will definitely be going regardless though.

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Love that I can see which ones are Overload so I know which ones I might be interested in :laughing:

Really hoping for awesome signing events! Might be looking at a last minute trip to Pittsburgh if there is one.

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