Pokemon Day Stamped Ceruledge

Just got an email from Pokemon Center about a special stamped Ceruledge card coming out via Pokemon Center as well as other retailers. Looks interesting, have they done special promos for Pokemon Day before?

Info can be found here.


finally. a new ceruledge

oh wait

it’s the same ceruledge, but this time, it has a stamp

over one year now and only one unique ceruledge (with now 4 variations of the one card)

meanwhile armarouge has 3 including an ex and an AR (8 total variants)

charcadet has 7 :smiling_face_with_tear: (12 total variants)


Im gonna be watching this one pretty closely too.

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So i have my card set aside with “emergency” pokemon money. Im in a small town guys, if i cant find one here, and someone happens to get an extra, can we try to figure out a trade or something? I really dont want to pay 30 or whatever they are going to be scalped for online

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Here it is in all its glory. Meant to share last week. Im not buying one on ebay ive just been following a few that are already up. I saw the first one early last week sometime at an insane 75 USD.
Any way. I think it looks great. Glad they did the cosmo border.

Im gonna check gamestop friday and then if i have no luck im gonna just grab the cheapest sealed one i can find to keep my collection complete and up to date. On a side note, i hate scalpers and the fomo is trying to get me but i know this one wont blow up too bad so i just gotta chill. I wouldnt be surprised if this dropped as low as the duraludon or sandacondas gamestop released as well


I’m feeling the same way. The FOMO is creeping up but logically this one should remain affordable on eBay if I don’t manage to snag one this weekend.

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my god they are cosmos…

This is gonna be a hot ticket item

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Oh my gosh dont say that :sob:

Anyone else notice that big ol swirl in the mix?

Everybody relax, this will be widely available for many months. Do not let FOMO make you waste money.


I wont lol ill be good this time

I’m pretty astounded with the market for these new sealed promos these days. Promos like this and the 151 Squirtle Charmander and Bulbasaur were always $5 or under when released pre 2020. Seeing prices at $30 to $60 seems insane when similar promos pre 2020 are still cheaper.

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They typically are only high priced leading up to, and then the following few days after. Every gamestop or store promo ive ever watched dips to below 20 dollars at some point, and a very select few ever go beyond that. The three that come to mind are charmander, umbreon, and the paldea evolved tinkaton from best buy. The first two price climbs make sense to me but the tinkaton only went to the 60 plus mark because from what ive seen i guess a lot of stores never got it. So its pretty rare i guess.

If the stock image from the pokemon website is off center, will PSA be more lenient with the centering for anyone who grades this card?

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its not unique art and its just a stamp. If I snag one then thats cool but if not then I wont be too sad.

I collect these stamped promos released through companies like this so i for one am looking forward to this. A cosmo border, pika stamp WITH a year, a fun rendition of a pokemon i really like (referring to the holo pattern again) i understand it may not be your flavor and that’s totally alright! This just checks a lot of boxes for me personally.

My comment was overall and not directed towards you in any way. I totally understand that people love this stuff :slight_smile: Now that I read your profile I can tell that this is exactly your thing, Stoked for you