03/11/2012 - Pokémon Center

So would one have to purchase a box or single packs for this card?

It’s beautiful!! I would really love to have one. :blush:

yea how are people obtaining this card then?


It’s…it’s beautiful :'D


@bluey.:* – I am guessing Pokémon Center (190/BW-P) is going to be released with the purchase of single booster packs; it is currently being described as a booster pack promotional campaign by external sources. I assume it will be given away in a similar fashion as previous booster pack promotional releases, with either:

:black_small_square: The purchase of 2 – 4 packs; or
:black_small_square: The purchase of in-store items achieving a certain price total.

I got the answer~!

There are two expansion packs that are being released December 14th (Friday):
「ラセンフォース」 (Spiral Force?)
「ライデンナックル」 (Raiden Knuckles?)

For every 10 packs you buy from either of the series, you will receive one of the special Pokemon Center Eevee collection cards free.

There is actually another campaign happening simultaneously…
As an example, if you bought 1 box of expansion packs from either series, you would not only get the 1 free special illustration Metagross card, but also 2 of the special Eevee collection cards.

The collection cards are limited, though, so once all the cards are gone they are gone.

So is this at a pokemon center then?

@pokemontrader – Thank you for the updated information :blush:

Yes, I believe so.

Does anyone have images of the aforementioned Eevee cards?


Wow, this is a really nice card. I am glad they are aware of how many people are into the eeveelutions.

On pkmncollectors, people are going nuts for the plushies that are coming out… I believe that we at UPCCC will purchase a ton of these Eeveelution items LOL

I’m probably going to get 1-2 of those binder sheets (With the 8 cards) and IDK how many but a lot of the PC cards if possible…


And that includes the cute Pokemon Center promo with all eight of them! :heart_eyes:

Ooo I’d love that binder set. :grin:

Yes! These must be in English! :dizzy_face: Is it possible to order things in the US from the PokéCenter in Japan?

If anyone is doing so, please let me know! I would really like to buy a sheet of those cards and get one of those promos! :blush:

same here but i’m betting right now the only way to get them is gonna be through ebay.

mmmm that card is sexy

Just got my eevee collection set in the mail, i have to say its even more amazing then in the pictures. I only got the cards (including the Pokemon center trainer) as postage for the folder was expensive but i don’t mind.

Anyone else managed to grab a set of these?

Waiting for mine :blush: