Pikachu, and eevee lovers rejoice! Pokemon together promos coming to the pokemon center!

As per pokebeach


I know the bundle is alot, but the focus is to lower the price of the promos.

These are re using existing art, right?

Yeah the promo has already been out for almost a year, but it was using 151’s art. I just found out its also included in a cheaper bundle as well on the website, so prices for the cards WILL go down. Im so glad too.

Huge LOL at the ebay users who have them at $150 on “pre-order”
What a weird world we live in


I wonder how theyll be packaged. If its all separately and they mean bundle as in its cheaper than purchasing separately then i’ll pass but it theres special packaging i’ll have to keep an eye out for my collection of products including decks.

I am guessing it is all thrown losely into a box. This seems like a way to off load thousands of leftover Battle Academy units before the next one comes.
I ordered a couple since my friend needs the Eevee. So if it is a “sealed deck” kind of thing you can have one of mine


The promos are heading toward $5-$10 each now if they are doing bundles weekly. They are still in stock yet. There may be 10s of thousands of copies being distributed this month.


Appreciate it, but ive got plenty of the battle academy. Sometimes they do special outerboxes for the bundles so I keep an eye out for those. Thanks though!

Good way to offload SwSh starter promos and keychains too


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Wow seems like theyre REALLY trying to get rid of alot of things. I feel like theres a better way.


Got my bundle today. Can confirm there is no special packaging for the bundle.
@ragingkraken the Eevee is the same as the UK Poké Post one. So nothing new for anyone. Just lower prices on these promos, which is nice


Appreciate the heads up!


Just a heads up, more bundles have been listed, different from the previous bundles. It does seem like they’re trying to move slow-moving product using these bundles based on some of the items

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Two more weeks until the $15 promos only bundle hits the site /s

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That would be awesome. Turns the free promo into a $5 card.

I think the junk products they are trying to offload are bulky, so shipping Fedex isn’t cheap. Almost have to do $40 minimum bundles to atleast get their money back from shipping and workers packaging up, instead of literally burning the product to free up warehouse space.

Yeah so far it’s been theme decks, battle academy, blisters and plushes. All of those are annoyingly sized

This auction started at $19.99 a day before the first bundles dropped. Since everyone can get an English copy for cheap, no one else bid on this German copy and I won it!


Well I’m off to search eBay for the French and German ones.


Nice, I will let you know if I see something pop up. I now have all 3 languages of this guy