Astonishing Voltecker Pokemon Center limited + Promo Packs

I was wondering what you guys think about this release

It’s limited to 2 per person, but I don’t see anything particular inside the the box so I don’t know if the value might go up in time. Also you don’t get the 5 promo packs with this box.
And about the promo packs what’s your opinion? The 5 cards aren’t all holo so they can be weighted :l

I like the promos. English will probably crush the value of two by reprinting them as set cards, put 2 in promo boxes and leave the one nobody expected be, making that the most collectible one.
It’s all speculation for now. If they are “buy 5 packs, get one promo pack” they’ll probably be quite plentiful & presale prices won’t hold up. Of course, if they cut supply for each one by 5 compared to similar promos, who knows.
Tldr: Who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t go wrong with these boxes, anything with pokemon center exclusive merchandise and limited availability is a good purchase in my eyes.
And if you like Chonky Boi Pikachu, what is stopping you from buying it?

These boxes usually are being resold for almost double price, since they are limited. They do these pokemon center limited boxes for a while now with every Main expansion set.

You do get the Pika Pika! Pikachu! Promo Card Campaign packs from pokecen online, as long as you buy packs there. However if you buy it from resellers, you likely wont get the promo packs.
Since this contains 2 Boxes you will probably get 10 promo card packs from the pokemon center.

From my article (i double checked this):

I personally advice to go for this Nessa set during S4a Shiny Star V:

These are a little harder to obtain, and has also exclusive merchandise.

I got the S3a Legendary Heartbeat Marnie set, and it doubled in value already.


@primallugia, yay limited stuff is usually something to buy, but since there isn’t like a promo card inside or something particular, but the 2 boxes and sleeves I don’t see what is appealing beside Pikachu and the limited thing (still I know it’s enough XD).

About the promo packs: with the 11000yen box you won’t get the packs if I’m not mistaken. I imagine each promo pack will start at around 10$ since it’s what you have to pay to get one, don’t know if they can be weighted and how limited they will be

Do preorders count towards the promo packs?

Oh i read it now yes, that box is sadly excluded from the campaign, its even mentioned on the product page itself. My bad haha.

There isn’t a promo card in there, but exclusive deck box and sleeves. You won’t see it elsewhere.

It’s on you how long you want to keep it sealed and flip it.

If you really like it, you should buy it. But don’t expect insane price increases on there within a couple years.

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Nope, at least I just discovered that also by buying a regular box online in pre-order you won’t get the promo packs, I guess you have to go to the store to get’em