Pokémon card value is dropping?

It appears especially on eBay that card prices are dropping fast when it comes to WOTC cards.

I’ve been watching Shining, Gold Star, Crystal and Base Set 1st editions drop considerably this month.

Can anyone confirm?

Collectibles markets have their ups and downs. We’re currently on a downward trend at the moment. It’s up for debate as to why.

In 5 months the Pokémon bubble will burst. We will all be stuck with shiny paperweights.

You’ve been warned.

People will be buying PSA 9 1st Zards for $200, it’s inevitable. Everything will revert to 2006 prices, better sell now!

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I hope so, so I can add to my 1st Base psa10 Charizard collection for cheap.


Interesting, ive noticed the same, my collecting has dropped massively the last couple years, part of it is just getting a bit older and prioritising spending elsewhere, im only one person though.
There could be a million reasons.

It’s not even that, though. Plenty of other cards are rising. Take it from someone who collects Shadowless: the Shadowless cards have absolutely exploded the past few months, and many 1st Edition Base non-holos have also risen.

Fossil and Jungle cards have risen, as well.

OP just cherry-picked a few different cards and generalized the entire WOTC era based on those.

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to me it just looks like mostly 10s dropping and 9s rising. i think its understandable given how many mistakes the graders make and the price difference from 9-10 thats what turned me off 10s anyway lol

You would think the prices would be pretty stable or even on the rise very slightly, given tax return season being in full swing right now.

Give it time and prices will go back up – usually the swing kicks in first before the demand rises

itlr, prices have been steadily rising and we haven’t necessarily seen crashes in value, and usu this time of the year is primetime buying season, so I don’t think most ppl are worried

Only for snow plows lol.


I mean the 1st Base 10 Charizard along with most of WOTC exploded last spring and peaked during the summer; so the data doesn’t really back that assertion.

Flippers are dumping, why is a multitude of factors. Once supply is gone prices will stabilize. How long that takes depends on the supply and how liquid a card is.


I can’t see the Pokémon market going under, and if it does, it would be when our generation (90’s kids) dies off. As long as we are around, the demand will be there. Even so, Pokémon cards could continue to gain value, even when our generation is gone, and probably will. Some little kid 100 years from now will be talking about the 1st edition Charizard his grandfather had many years ago when Pokémon first started. They will probably have real Pokémon running around by then.

Even though the new sets today are mass printed, they are still being bought and enjoyed by youngsters today. Hopefully the young generation today, will have the same nastalgic values for Pokémon cards, as us 90s kids.

All markets have ups and downs, but when it comes to WOTC cards, my opinion is they will always continue to go up in price in the long run. It won’t be a straight line up the chart, but it will always go up eventually IMO. Time will tell. Thanks.

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True. After all, we’re still talking about the T-206 Wagner and that’s 110 years ago and the 1952 Mantle from 66 years ago. Plus they have steadily risen in value.

“Iconic items are never forgotten” quote by G. Haase


Not sure if you’re right about the gold stars…Maybe a few 10’s went down in price a little bit but they’re still x2-3 more then what they were a few months ago. But every gold star in 9 keeps going up? i’ve looked at every single ebay listing and i havn’t seen any going down in price. Even the over populated dogs are still going up.

Gold stars have either been stagnant in growth or have grown quite a bit (for all grades) – I don’t think they’ve been negatively impacted in the seasonal/cyclical downturn, which makes them prime candidates for price hikes in the coming months.

I’m unsure about the base sets but as far as the gym challenge goes, the prices have only gone up. As far as the psa 10 1st edition holos go anyway. Non holos seemed to have stayed steady

As a person who just got back the hobby the last couple months I have been enjoying the price dips especially in 1st Jungle and Fossil. Built a complete Fossil and almost complete Jungle set for 5 and 6.5K. I can tell sellers are getting a bit more skittish as well. Bought 1st Dark Charizard for $450, and 1st Shining Charizard this week for $1750. Couple months ago those prices would’ve been unheard of.


I don’t think that the prices have dropped enough to warrant an analysis of the cause. Asking why the market is up 5% or down 5% from one month to the next isn’t very valuable. The reason is that this market movement, like other people have noted, is probably just natural fluctuation in the prices. Now if a couple of months from now prices are at 50% of what they were in Dec. '17, then more thorough analysis of the market would definitely be warranted.

I can definitely relate, the price drops are great for young collectors like myself. I managed to get 1st ed Neo Genesis Lugia for $800 recently and I too have been getting Jungle and Fossil along with the neo holos for cheap.

Then you have all the promotions ebay has been giving out lately. It truly is a buyers paradise right now.