Pokedex Binder Concept, One Card for Every Pokemon!

I’ve toyed with the idea of a “Pokedex binder” collection for each of the regions/gens, where the idea is that you would simply pick your favorite or most fitting card to represent a Pokemon and have a binder collection full of them almost like a Pokedex. I really like the idea and although don’t have any complete binders yet, I’ve taken time to make my own in Google Docs as well as listing the sets the cards come from. I’ve had so much fun looking at Serebii’s cardex at all the various different cards for a certain Pokemon through the years, and picking just one card can be tough at times! But it’s been super fun.

What do you think about the concept? It definitely takes time to create, and since cards rotate and more are produced for various Pokemon, it can definitely be something to where some cards get replaced if there’s one you enjoy more. Like I said, I have fun with it! And for the Hoenn cards, I finished drawing a tiny sketch of each of them, and hopefully you can recognize a number of them. :slight_smile: No binder no problem!

Anyway, that’s the idea, and here’s also a doc of the cards above if you want to see the actual cards haha.

I just wanted to share, and I’m eager to continue working on my own little Pokedex binder :3


I do something like that with a full page of 9 arts for each pokemon, BUT they are all MP-HP condition since I don’t really look at them too too often, and for popular species the pages are pretty barren rn since I can sell a stained charizard for like 20$ to put towards my serious goals. The stuff in the binder I only want if I literally cant sell it

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gah dam that sketch collection goes hard


Super cool idea!

@pinn033 Has a similarly-themed binder with one favorite card per Pokedex entry.

Also, amazing artwork as always!


Oh wauw those drawings really are cool, nice work! :smiley: So your intention is to make a drawn pokédex instead of collecting the actual cards? I indeed have a vintage pokédex for gen 1 and 2 but I really go in depth with the small details. I also have a modern pokédex tho but it’s on hold right now. I had two ideas for it, first was to mix all sets with all generations but the second idea I had was to only use gen 4 released sets for the gen 4 Pokémon and do this for all the gens. It would show the changes of art style and card design very well but it would exclude allot of cool cards this way. It is indeed allot of work but I feel it’s worth it and I also like that you don’t end up with over 9000 cards or something. :sweat_smile: Hehe good luck!


Adore the drawings, those are outstanding. I also love the concept binder.


First off I love the sketches. Gen 3 has some of my favorites! Secondly, reading your post had me double taking thinking I wrote this 2 years ago or something, because I actually am putting together a dex binder and I have a lot of the same thoughts and did/do the same things you have! Its honestly one of my favorite things in my collection. I go for cards of the mon that either have meaning for me or are my favorite and put them in this ginormous binder. It’s great and I think you should definitely go for it :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome! A great collection, and definitely takes time and some work to collect, I do collect the cards but also just wanted to draw some to scratch the itch, but the card collecting is moving forward! haha. That’s awesome you’ve got stuff going, I imagine a lot of people do already but its nice to hear that other people’s collections are going strong!


I’ve been doing this since a kid - I have one card of each Pokemon in a binder in PokeDex order. I really do enjoy doing that and had that going all my life and it tends to fill naturally sooner or later when opening product :grinning:

I’ve completed all generations so far and most of gen 8 too, there aren’t that many empty spots.


Awesome sketches! Very well done. :slight_smile:

As for a National Index collection, I did that a couple years ago: National Index including all Forms & Shiny Pokémon (W.I.P.). I’ve included all Pokémon forms and shiny Pokémon, and it’s complete up midway through about the end of the Sun & Moon era (so it’s missing the entire gen 8, and all the forms released during Sword & Shield). Not sure yet if I’ll continue it one day, but for now it’s a lower prio subcollection that’s put on-hold.

PS: Including shiny Pokémon is not recommended. They accounted for 2/3rd of the total cost with all the Gold Stars; Neo Destiny shinies; etc.



I too have a similar side collection but i collected purely all the cards from each gen from their respective release era so i could also have a nice history aspect to it + have a similarity look for each gen :slight_smile:

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