National Dex Pokemon Collection

Behold, my nearly complete National Pokedex collection.

So a couple of things.

Unless the card is English exclusive, the cards you see are all in Japanese, T-Chinese, S-Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian. There are a few outliers like the Krookodile and Blastoise ex (which is a placeholder for the time being), but aside from those two, everything is in languages printed in the JP cardstock.

I have very few empty spots remaining by this point. Its mostly English exclusives and special arts (mostly newer special art releases). Some cards shown are slated to be replaced by better artworks that have come out recently. With the constant flow of special arts, many cards get replaced with those if I prefer them over what I already had. Some of the empty spots have already been addressed through recent purchases, they are just either still in storage or currently on their way to me.

All regional variants are represented. As for other alternate forms, I included them if I felt like it. For example, I included all Lycanroc forms and both Shaymin forms. I didn’t include stuff like all Arceus forms or both Keldeo forms. Didn’t really have any consistent rules I set for myself regarding which forms to include aside from always including regional variants.

You may notice that some starter special arts are missing. This is mostly as a result of me avoiding using starter special arts unless at least one Pokemon from each starter family of a specific generation got a special art. Why am I applying this rule only on starters and nothing else? No clue! Just feels right to me.

Tag Team special arts were only used if the Pokemon featured were right next to each other in the Pokedex or if they were different forms of the same Pokemon. Some exceptions to this rule being Umbreon/Darkrai, Espeon/Deoxys, Naganadel/Guzzlord. For Umbreon and Espeon, its just because the two cards still go together in my opinion. Naganadel I really just didn’t have any better choices so I had to bend my rules regarding tag teams for that mon.

With how many cool arts there are of every Pokemon, I just had to represent them somehow even if they did not make the cut for one reason or another! So I have a “bonus section” for this collection. This features cards that I liked a lot but the Pokemon featured already had a choice I was more satisfied with. The bonus section also just includes my special art collection. Special arts are my favorite kind of cards, so even though I cannot include all the ones I own or purchase in the main collection, they have a place in the bonus section here!

There are occasional cases of Pokemon being somewhat out of Pokedex order. This is pretty much just the case with cards that have connecting artworks. It’ll be apparent where I did this and in these sections there is still some semblance of Pokedex order.

Pokemon as a franchise will keep going until the heat death of the universe. So as long as I collect, this is pretty much a forever updating collection. Even after all empty slots are filled up, there will always be new Pokemon and there will always be new cards. This collection will be seeing fairly frequent updates as a result.

With all that out of the way, here is the collection!











Bonus Section:


So things didn’t exactly format the way I was hoping. I am tired so I will fix it tomorrow lol

I fixed the post. Should be a lot more easy on the eyes now lol

That’s awesome- I would like to do something similar


This is so great! I love a National Dex binder :drooling_face: Always a satisfying thing to flip through.

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Fantastic! I’m working on this myself but going English or Japanese cards without ruleboxes and with the traditional layout (no full arts, etc). It’s a good way to casually collect.

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Yeah I’ve seen others do half arts only too. I allowed special arts and full arts just because I collect them anyways. When I started this I pretty much half the ones I needed from the getgo.

Absolutely loving the variety in these! Amazing choice on Magikarp as well!

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Such a great way to collect! I have a quite similar side collection for gen 3 and onwards but i stricktly only collect non rule box cards :slight_smile: i do have to mention that it seems like you didn’t leave a spot for alolan muk, hopefully it doesn’t mean too much of re-organizing :sweat_smile:

Edit: went back to re-watch some photos and the paldea page with only art rares, komiya frigibax-line on top, is just absolutely eye candy! Love how the page layout works with different groups

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Muk is one of the situations where I’ll be using a tag team! I’m using the tag team GX special art which is currently on its way.

I can definitely understand people doing similar collections just sticking to non-rulebox cards. The only reason why I’m doing it because I collect special arts to begin with.

And yeah some of these pages full of special arts are just so addicting to look at lol, its stuff like that which makes me very happy to be doing this.

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Ah, that should have crossed my minds, that’s actually a perfect card in your style of collecting! I’m naturally glad that both my slime guys shared a tag team card instead of doing it with other pokemon, but i still wish muk would get a new and a bit more modern or artistic art rare than the tag team one :smile:

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Very impressive collection and serious dedication to do something like this. Sorry for my noob question but National Dex collection means your favourite card for that Pokemon yes? Whichever card that strikes your fancy or are there any other conditions to it?


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Generally speaking the goal is to use what I think is the best art for each mon that I can feasibly obtain. Although there are instances where I just go along with some kind of theme as opposed to using the hest art. Such as using the 151 AR/SAR lines for the starters. The Blastoise and Charizard are good but not my favorite arts, but it feels nicer having the full lines together.


Incredible job and it’s awesome how you formatted the post!! I’m slowly working on a first appearance national dex but I don’t think my base set will ever be no rarity

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Yeah I don’t think I’d ever go through the trouble of going for the rarest version of a card. But I wish you luck with the goal you are aiming for!

I love seeing people’s choices for which cards to include.

I’m working on something similar, but it will only be for generations 1 and 2 as I’m using cards up to/excluding e-series. I hope to have it done by the end of the year.

After that is complete I’m going to pick through the e-series sets and see how much of a complete ‘dex’ will come out of that. And so on for modern.


Update: I got some new additions in the mail recently and updated the gallery to account for their inclusion.

Image uploading broke directly after I updated so I’ll just say to check out the Kanto, Johto, and Alola sections to see what changed lol.


This is amazing! I’ve always wanted to do something like this, however the cost and time has put me off of it :sweat_smile: At least until I finish my Kabuto/Kabutops Master set, and my artist sets. Awesome job!

Question, where do you go about obtaining singles of the T-Chinese, S-Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian cards? I’ve found most of those to be extremely difficult, unless in a highly looked for set like 151 or eevee heroes (even then, I can’t find a kabuto or kabutops unless I want to pay $20 for one). I’m looking for the galarian slowking in one of those languages for my komiya collection and I noticed you had one so I thought I’d ask!

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idk if i could ever integrate regional variants with their original forms. For me, I like seeing them in the region they came from. However, in Pokemon Home, I put them together with the original pokedex number.

I did just dissolve most of my AR/CHRs into the nat dex binders recently. I thought I wouldn’t like mixing up half arts and full arts, but I think I do like the change. It also helps me appreciate the new ARs from every set even more now.

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