Pokedex 3D


Anyone with a 3DS can get an early Pokemon fix :wink:

WHAT! This is awesome! Thanks for this find dogma! I am downloading this first thing Monday!

Hahaha, thanks Scott :blush:

So cool you have a 3DS. What games did you get?

Well I got it right when it came out but there are not many great games for it. Street fighter is probably the best but I never got into that game. I am waiting for zelda ocarina of time to come out on the 19th! I can’t wait (but I have to) until they release a 3d pokemon game, it is definitely the best handheld system I have ever played, just needs some solid game releases!

I bet it is though, it’s just a free game from the e shop isn’t it?

Yeah I am just excited to see pokemon in 3d.

I agree about the games, they are shallow to say the least. There is literally nothing substantial at the moment. I use gamespot as a reference, as their reviews/ratings are always accurate and the highest so far is street fighter with an 8.5, which is good but after that the next one is a 7.5 and lower :confused:

I just downloaded the pokedex but it is pretty disappointing :confused: You only get 16 pokemon and you have to use street pass to add new pokemon. Also all of mine where 5th gen pokemon which at the moment are my least favorite.

5th gen >>> 4th gen!

I think you can add your BW Pokémon from the games? No?

E3 trailers galore!

Can people with a 3DS watch the trailers in 3D? If you can…that is plain awesomr

Whoa I don’t know, they just added the browser so maybe I can check it out.

Also I am not sure if you can transfer pokemon from BW to the 3ds. If so I will probably have to get it. And the 5th gen has grown on me. I went through the animations on the dex of the pokemon and some of them pull out a sword/weapon from their side, I like that addition!

hahaha yeah that would do it :blush:

So I was right about being able to watch the 3D trailers on the 3DS. They’re in the eStore I think.

I also played Pilotwings and Zelda.

Pilotwings is attrocious. I am so angry at Nintendo for creating a crappy game that is not in line with the amazing games it was trying to emulate in the series. The 3D is very fiddly too, so that you have to stay still for the effect to be maintained. Not a game that I can spend ages on, and whilst the depth is pretty cool, its a gimmick that doesn’t really add much.

Zelda on the other hand looks pretty spectacular. The 3D effect looks pretty cool and whilst I only played myself in Kokiri Forest, the depth really did give familiar locations a whole new dimension (pun totally intended).

The slider pad thing is a poor mans analogue stick and I for one really wish that they replace it on the Wii U tablet with proper sticks. The slider thing is just not good enough for games requiring truly strategic or accurate controls.

So - pretty underwhelmed with the 3DS so far. But Zelda does look pretty cool, and even if you only turn on the 3D for the cutscenes like my brother does, the game does have a great new facelift

It is definitely the best handlheld device to date, it just needs more games. As far as hardware nothing touches it. The rushed out crap games like pilotwings, sims 3, nintendo dogs are just filer for the moment.

Ocarina of time 3d is incredible. I will probably get it in 5 days for my b-day but I saw the reviews and the enhanced graphics are great. I still don’t get why nintendo has not figured out to re-release those great nintendo 64 games with updated graphics. They would clean up.

Anyway, I think a year from now the 3ds will show its quality when the solid games are released.

The Mario trio (3D, Paper, Kart) will be fun times - I’ll have to get one then

I was pretty unimpressed with it myself :slightly_frowning_face: but i have been diggin mario kart 7 alot!