Any pokemon fan needs to see this.

How sweet does that look? An app that supposedly will almost make it sort of real. I hear everyone talking about how prices are bad on pokemon cards now, wait til thats released. I see cards only going up in value once thats released.

“Insert slowpoke meme”



Lol. I know, I am late xD

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You’re just bringin back the HYPE! Lol

Go home, you’re drunk

Im not as think as you drunk I am.

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Concept: Awesome
Reality: Probably not so awesome

As much as I want to get excited for Pokemon GO! I can’t right now, I just know that there is going to be MTX in every direction and until I see what the MTX looks like, I am holding off on being excited.


I am skeptical just as well, but I am hoping for the best. I always imagined as a kid pokemon in real life and if it works the way theyre saying, thatll be the closest we will ever get. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Then again, I dont know any pokemon past the Diamond and Pearl generation so I will be lost there lol

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Lol I am new here.

Welcome mate!

The best advice for every new member is to have a good read around. You’ll quickly find that other people here are exceptionally quick on news of pretty much anything Pokémon related. =)

Always use the search function as you’ll be surprised as to what you can find :wink:


Hey did you guys see they are coming out with a new Gameboy game? Pokemon Yellow version. Its suppose to be in colour!.. :thinking:?

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No, but I did hear about Pokemon Crystal coming out soon!


Wow. Another game. awesome.