Poke-Identify these please; Bandai 1998 foldout cards ??

Hey guys,

I picked up a few of these Foldout cards from an old dealer where I’m living.
I’ve gone to tons of different stores, and have never seen these on ebay.

They are probably not rare, or valuable, but I like to sometimes collect the Bandai productions from before the year 2001.

Does anyone have any information about this set ? I can’t find it on bulbapedia, or pokevault also.

So; Production ? spill rate ? we’re these licensed ? any info at all would be great.
Does anyone else own some of these ?



What I do know is that Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur and Mew are all golden coloured. The others seem a normal print. Also, they are from 1998, are made by Bandai, but I don’t think they we’re carddass affiliated.

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LOL! exactly what I was thinking.

Gentlemen ?? :laughing:

Does it help if I tell you I’ve never seen these before? Seriously though, I never paid attention to Japanese non card paper product. Now Glenn (Japanime)…this is exactly what he collects. Bet he can help!

The “gold” cards (like Charizard or Blastoise) are beautiful !

I already seen display of these cards on YJA (for 2000 yens), but I didn’t really paid attention to them.
Next time I see these cards on YJA, I’ll be present !

Thanks for the pictures :blush:

(sorry, my message didn’t help you …)

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No, every comment helps, and I enjoy to hear from anyone’s experience or opinion. Whether good or bad.

It is a really helpful message actually; it gives me a rough price indication, and tells me that these pop up occasionally on YJA.

Thanks for everyones help so far.