Pojo's (May 2000) - Who's the rarest of them all? Magazine article

Pojo’s - Who’s the rarest magazine article - By Glenn Kardy @japanime

This article brings back alot of childhood memories, especially the trophy pikachu’s :blush:


Love the story about the Please Trade card.



I have a bunch of glossy lillypad mews

Was an interesting read

It is probably appropriate to tag the author of the article, @japanime. :blush:


How do i do that? :blush:

Clean layout. Simple facts, straight cut. I like this article, what year was it published?

Aside from the Illustrator and the Pikachu trophies, I now have all of these. -feels good-

Of course, everything else is nowhere near the level of those lol. :slightly_frowning_face:

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When you want to tag someone do @ username (no space)

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May 2000 (15 years ago). It doesnt feel that it was that long ago!

Nice, I remember my collector’s price guide like it was yesterday. I should pick up another one to finish my time machine.

I already did it for you! I just wanted to point out how Glenn (japanime) was the author.

Geez. I forgot that he wrote some of this. I remember this article too as I read Pojo all the time. Still have some of the poster’s tucked away… And folded up… And written/drawn on because I was a child.


Thanks! :blush:

Glenn@ Who were the ‘Florida retirees (plural)’ you were referring to in this article?

This makes me ache for a Pokemon Card publication again. Oh, how I wish I had the resources. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Lol…me too:)
Maybe Glenn could participate, as would I. We could call it:


Just found this thread — I hardly even remember writing that particular article! I’ll have to re-read it to determine whom the Florida retirees might have been (though that might also have been me making a joke).

I still have all of the issues stored away somewhere as well (along with computer-archived copies of my articles.

One of these days, I’m going to repost them all on my company’s website.

EDIT: I just read the opening paragraph. The retiree remark was definitely me trying to be funny. The last laugh, though, is on me, as I’m now close to retirement age and still consider myself (somewhat) knowledgable about Pokemon stuff! :rofl:


Just read a bit more of the article. It’s definitely my “style.”

I sure was wrong about the rarity of several of those cards, though! We all know how easy it is to get the Please Trade card nowadays. And the ANA cards aren’t very rare, either. (Even my quip about not looking for the Pikachu trophy cards on eBay turned out to be wrong.)

But I still feel the article was accurate at the time I wrote it.

Anyway, it’s fun to see it after all these years. :blush: