"Rare Pokemon Card Worth 20K"

I was shocked to see an Illustrator as the front page news story on my internet homepage Yahoo Canada. I thought I was dreaming when I saw an illustrator in the news section! The caption is “Rare Pokemon Card Worth 20K” and the description tells all readers to check around the house to make sure they don’t have one of these or any other rare collectible cards lying around, LOL!

Hahaha! :blush: link to article??

I was hoping for a new article when I clicked on it but unfortunately it’s just a regurgitated version of the same article that’s already been posted on here. It’s the one that values a 1st edition Charizard at $2500.00 and has the illustrator hahah

Ohh, okay I have seen that. Pssh, look around your house to see if you have one?? Unless you are Scott, you are wasting your time :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha! I actually thought about contacting yahoo about that article, but then I realized how difficult it is to contact writers.

If only we could all have one in our house!

Hahaha front page news! :wink:

@cbd1235- maybe one day!

They should post an article about the most valuable collections and then feature Scott’s.

I would read that!

Aha I should check if I have one!
Yeah… Because I bought an illustrator of a Japanese kid who won it in a drawing contest 14 years ago and I have no idea what it is so I put it in my attic waiting for someone to tell me. I wish. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hahaha that seems plausible. Something tells me you would remember spending about 10k or so :stuck_out_tongue:

What card I cant see it

It’s the pokemon illustrator. Scott (smpratte) has one in his signature :wink:

[1998 CoroCoro Illustrator Promo]

Just in case you weren’t sure which one we are talking about.
Here is a large picture to emphasise the extreme beauty of it!

Many thanks to Scott (smpratte) for supplying this since it is his picture.

Thanks to the Illustrator for existing! I would like to get an article/interview up about my collection. I probably should advertise more than I do.

I second that notion, you really should!! I’d tune in, it would be cool to see a video of all those rare cards together at least. Make a youtube one even? Might spread the word about trophy cards and high end collecting. There’s only one or two trophy cards on youtube anyways.

Definitely, I do think an interview about how your collection started and grew over the years would be very insightful for collectors all over the globe.

Although as I do love the publicity of the trophy cards obviously with pictures, videos and general chat. I do also favor the mysterious secretive side of them.

Much like the Snap cards, not a lot of information or known locations have been revealed. Very secretive and sought after for that purpose. Unlike the Pikachu’s, they’re publicised all over still obviously highly sought after but because they’re so known. As we have currently seen this year the amount of Pikachu trophies for sale is quite insane, compared to the likes of the Snap’s.

I just think the more we see of these particular cards the less they (not exactly decreased value) but become less ‘special’ in a way.

I can understand that perspective, the “bandwagon” effect. When something becomes more popular it looses that uniqueness.

However I think that more exposure of the top tier cards would be a good thing for pokemon. I do not think there is enough general knowledge out there of these cards. Basically, in my opinion, I think there are more people who would be interested in collecting if there were more publicity about collecting pokemon cards.

I agree with you, I just have a bit of mixed feelings. Overall though I do believe that publicity is the best thing for the top-tier collection side of Pokemon. Try and get people to phase out of thinking that Charizard ex is the rarest card ever haha!

I am very intrigued to see what you will do to get your collection further out there!

Are we suggesting that the trophy pikachu’s have lost their uniqueness? :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, those have always been publicized since their release…and considering their desirably I don’t think the demand for them will ever go away. But I have to agree, for a while no one really had any photos/information on the TMB/SSB/snap cards until the last few years. Whenever you mention “trophy cards” to someone “pikachu” comes to mind…but there are many more (and quite frankly rarer) than that. I definitely think making them known is a good thing, but at the same time the less people know the more they retain their exclusivity.

I agree with both sides however I’m leaning towards Scott’s view. Being a non-japanese collector up until a year ago I knew nothing about trophy cards. I can confidently say that I would have branched in this direction sooner had there been more resources/info out there. Thank god for this site and also for smprattes photobucket. I would have never bought a single trophy card had I not accidentally found his photobucket. After years of staring at it I decided to get some for myself :wink:

The mystique is cool however I can’t help but be bothered that I don’t see more snap cards. If the cards are not out there and visible to the public they seem unattainable and the collecting public will lose interest. I don’t even have snap cards on my want list since they never come up. (of course I do want them though :wink:). I would have never started this journey if I hadn’t seen trophies in the hands of collectors is basically how I’d sum it up. :stuck_out_tongue: