Value/Rarity Discussion

Sorry people just accept that the illustrator wont be the most valuable card as time goes by :blush:

What card could possibly take over a psa 10 illustrator in value.?

no card will ever be more valuable it is the top end of pokemon not the rarest but most expensive and prestigious card none will ever top a psa 10 illustrator in my opinion

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But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.
But I still haven’t found
What I’m looking for.

… a cheap Pokemon Illustrator to add to my collection. :blush:

with sincere apologies to U2.

I’d buy up the capsule monsters concept proposal packet way way before spending that kinda cheddar on an illustrator

justjinkee what do u mean?

Lol wut?

The illustrator card IS dumb rare, but its also hyped up like crazy. I’m in agreement with poke-geri on this one. But i do understand why the price tag is how it is and respect that, its just not for me… so i tell myself :stuck_out_tongue:

The reality is that no card has ever sold for more than an illustrator. Especially with a certain recent sale, none are even close.

Everyone is entitled to value a card however they want. However, ignoring actual sales prices and making claims about projected value without merit is foolish and unnecessary.


Where are those copies? More specifically, where are they under 10k?

The realistic answer is what is quantifiable, not what people want the card to be worth because they can’t afford it or don’t want to purchase it at the current going rate.

Yes, if that hypothetical situation occurs, it might effect the price. But it hasn’t. Moreover, look up the rarest baseball card. It isn’t honus wagner.

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no card as of now maybe that female battle road trophy card where I believe there is only one if I am correct I can’t remember where I heard of it but I believe it may of been here

Just a question how many illustrator have been sold out of the supposed 39 that the community knows about? Different not the same card selling multiple times.

For those of us who don’t know what is that card? When was it released and how? What has it sold at or estimated value based on simliar types of cards. Picture.

Here it is I am not sure about this card never seen or heard of it being sold or Evan seen it is still a mystery if it really is out there

If I am correct I seen a post somewhere stating there is only one and it has never been sold or Evan seen. It was at those battle road tournaments I believe where the card was specific to male and female winners this is as much as I know about card not sure if what I have heard is legit or not haven’t done enough research

Sure, the percentages are different which is why the prices are not as high as vintage baseball.

I honestly am not concerned where the price will go with the illustrator. I am just being realistic about its current/actual value.

A better example of what I am trying to highlight is with the preraichu. I would personally not purchase the card for its going rate of 10.5k. Also, people always say, “it is just a base raichu with a stamp”, which is technically true. However, the realistic answer for what it is worth is what it sells for, which is 10.5k. Even though I personally would not want to drop that money on that card, I would never say it is not worth 10.5k. Hopefully that helps better explain the distinction.


This discussion is getting interesting :blush: can we move it to a new thread for price speculation/valuation? ?

Mods used teleport, it was super effective. :blush:


Alright so I would love to hear what the general price consensus might be on the articuno phonecard promo. Not the TMB copy but the one that looks more card-esk

Oh lord please tell me this is a real thing

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