Players Promo Want List

Hello everyone! This is my first thread here so I hope I’m doing everything right…

Anyways I’m looking for some cards in Mint or Gem Mint condition from the Japanese Players Promos.

* 008/PLAY Pokemon Card Fan

* 018/PLAY Master Ball

* 013/PLAY __'s Mew

I’m hoping to find these ungraded, and I would be willing to play somewhere around $30 for each one. Or if they are graded, I would be willing to pay around $90 each. I’m happy to hear any offers! Thanks!

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That master ball is a pain -.- lol

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Yes, yes it is. I’m having the hardest time finding one. :confused:

Same here :slightly_frowning_face: good luck on your hunt! And welcome to the forum :blush:

Thank you! :blush:


Is that place even trusted? Has anyone bought anything from them?

Yes I’ve purchased from them a couple of times, 100% legit. Also from their eBay store.

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Must +1 this point, I’ve bought several things off them in the past and everything has come exactly as described and on time.

+2 on that point. They also used to give away really nice extras. It’s how I got my JR Lilypad Mew ^^

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