Platinum Arceus Results

Been a while since I opened an old box so thought I would share. Here are holos or better. Pretty amazing I got 10 arceus. No shining though… Charizard just had to be the only off center holo.


Looks like a pretty decent box, unfortunate for the charizard. As for the Arceus, I believe every box has all 1-9.

Pretty nice pulls. But no Shiny?

I watched 4 boxes on youtube, not one had all 9. The largest one had 8 total arceus and 7 unique ones.

Nope I thinks its 50/50.

Guess we watched different ones, each one i’ve seen had all 9 unique AR subset cards.

No Gengar Lv.X is kinda sad as well as no shiny. Nice job with all of the Arceus though! I still remember going to the prerelease for this set. Thanks for sharing.