Set of the Fortnight #16 - Platinum: Arceus

A relatively small set this time, with just 111 cards.

Platinum: Arceus
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As the name suggests, this set is mainly focused on the legendary Pokémon Arceus. This was also the first set to feature the Pokémon Arceus. It’s released in 2009, and just like it’s elusive counterpart contains a Raichu as English Prerelease card.



Some of my favorite artworks of this set:

And although I’m usually not a fan of clay figures, the pose on this one is just perfect:

I also like the Arceus AR cards, mainly because they form a full pattern with the holo parts in the description. Here is the full set (in German) from my personal collection:



I love this set. This is the first one I really paid attention to and hyped up the release of. I think I was in the third grade at this point. Man I loved this set. Gengar and Salamence Lv. X were always two of my favorites. I have most of the regular holos from this set as well. The allure of getting Arceus who was only fiction in the games at that point (remember only like 8 years old) was really awesome too. If I didn’t look back on it so positively I would probably glance over this set but it’s just memorable for me.


This set brings back some TCG memories to me. I tried to play a deck with the Salamence from this set, Salamence from Stormfront and the LV.X. I remember how the Spiritomb card was in every single deck too and how the Gengar decks were annoying xD

The set is really fun to open because you could often pull something good with the pull rate of Arceus’ being quite low. Add the holos, LV.X and shinies to the list and you would have at least a few good packs most of the time.

Some of my favorite cards from this set:


Some of my favs:

Completely agree with @miraclegro these two LV.Xs were so nice to see in person. Especially the gengar the eyes glowed with the holofoil.

Favourite was the shiny shinx but this set had some of the best shinys imo

Also can’t forget that this set also had a zard and this AR:


As an Arceus lover…this set is the bees knees for me!!

I believe i am the closest to a complete set of the AR subset in PSA 10 (missing just AR2); also have all three Arceus LvXs in PSA 10, with Arceus #96 being pop1! :blush:

(AR5 not pictured in this one).


These two are probably my favorite arts from the set.

Not a huge fan of this set overall, too many sub-set cards (9 AR and 3 SH) for my liking, and dumping 12 of the same pokemon into one set feels a bit ham-fisted.

Are you going to collect all Arceus Cards in PSA 10 (not just from this set)?

I think the subset all lined up together might look a little better ungraded, but the same can be said about Legend halves.
Overall though, really cool and unique set of cards, and awesome that you have them in PSA 10

Yes, I have almost all English Arceus cards in PSA 10…there’s like 18-19 total Arceus cards, I have like 14-15 of them in PSA 10, i’d have to check. :blush:

I haven’t completed the Arceus subset, but it might look cool to switch the middle colorless one with a Lvx, because it had the same Center pattern.

Anyway, if you go for the Japanese Arceus (or at least the exclusives) , good luck, I’m thinking of at least getting any of them from the platinum era, including promos, which is proving quite difficult.

English-only cards for me as far as collecting…about the only Japanese cards i’ve gotten have been Pikachu cosplays and the like, or cards I know i’m going to grade + flip. I love that Japan is Pokemon’s motherland/birthplace, but Japanese cards just don’t appeal much to me personally, and it certainly helps with the wallet. :blush:

That said, I don’t believe anyone has collected the entire AR subset in PSA 10…a lot were pop 2-3 and AR4 was even pop 1 when I started collecting them, but there’s no real rush for me with this set. The hardest to get will be the two Platinum Arceus-tin alternate art LvX promos, as those had EXTREME centering issues and are hard to find in general…I have the 3 LvX in PSA 10 from the actual set itself though.

I think there are plenty of extremely appealing Japanese exclusive cards. Or even particular cards with different holo patterns, or that weren’t holo in English. The Arceus cards in Japanese are a bit different …

Those must be really difficult to find now, tin promos are always damaged from the indents…

And I think one of the tins sold well, because it contained 5 packs instead of the normal 4, but I think with the same MSRP, so probably even more were opened already.

I wonder how the POP will increase for stuff of this era in general, because anyone opening these boxes at this point, should be grading any holos or better that are strong 10 candidates imo

Fun Fact, this was the first set I opened a booster box of, it was a Christmas gift. I got 3 Holo Charizards, and a RH 1, my friend convinced me to make a deck with them, and now they are not mint :slightly_frowning_face:

I think PT sets are often overlooked, this has great artwork, and a unique subset.

Can’t argue that there are a LOT of extremely appealing Japanese-exclusive cards, but that’s something that’s such a given nowadays that it takes away from it a bit…it’s pretty much expected/the norm that Japan is going to get exclusives, it is what it is. I only speak and read in English and have zero use for Japanese in my daily life, so I don’t need nor want to learn the language and in turn, collecting Japanese cards (or cards in any other language for that matter), is not appealing to me. :blush:

As for Platinum Arceus being underrated/overlooked…I agree completely! People are turned off from it because of the focus on Arceus, but that was a big deal back when this generation of the games was being released…although again, i’m biased because i’m a big Arceus fan, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the shiny SH cards from all the sets. I would like to get a complete psa10 set of the 12 some day, but a few of the cards don’t even have pop 1 yet.
Luckily I have the bagon, and the ponyta. But I rarely see any 10’s come up for sale.