Pikachu Natta Wake Vol 6 - What should i do?

I’m new to the Forum so hello everyone

I am looking for help as to what to do with my Sealed Natta Wake Pikachu Box. This obviously contains the Birthday Pikachu Card.

In short, would i be better opening and pushing for a PSA 10 grade? There doesn’t seem to be a lot in value between the box and card.

But where will the future value more likely come from?

I would love to hear your thoughts…

Box? I thought these came in Books?

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Welcome Benji.

You mentioned box. Please elaborate.

To answer your question…it’s easy. Keep it sealed cause you can always grade it later but you can’t seal it later;)


Ha Sorry I mean book!

I have had it for about a year, and just wonder where the value is more likely to come from in the future.

PSA 10 Grade vs Sealed original…

You can’t be sure to get a 10 or a 9. A 10 is worth more than sealed though.

Just keep it sealed for now then, nobody can tell the future, so wait until time reveals which is the best option and go from there

That’s what I tried to tell him but he didn’t get it :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks for responses

Its not that i don’t get it, i’m not trying to push for a perfect answer. Makes sense whats been said!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

To be honest with older japanese promos that have been sealed for a long time 10s are surprisingly hard to get. Look what a 9 sells for then look what they go for sealed, if you see it as worth doing from there I would say go ahead and get it graded.

For value, keep sealed.
For enjoyment, open.

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I opened it.

I sent it off for grading.

Its come back as a PSA 10.




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List a pic of the PSA result in The Great Grading Result Thread