Pikachu Master Collection 2001

I know there are a lot of Pikachu collectors on this forum. Just wanted to share what the Pikachu collection master list was like in 2001. Seeing some of you with over 1000 Pikachu cards now shows how far we’ve come.


@quuador: “only 62 piakchus, that’s adorable”

But really that is a cool piece. Love seeing stuff like this from the original era. Wouldn’t mind buying a copy!


I find it funny that it states “Base unlimited” in both red and yellow cheeks, making no distinguish between Shadowless yellow cheeks and regular unlimited (nor ©1999 vs ©1999-2000, but that was to be expected).

I already have little over double that amount of Base Set Pikachu artwork variations alone (counting all languages including errors/autographed cards, but still). :rofl:



Ummmm, I NEED the cover haha

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Am I having a stroke or are the lists confusingly formatted?

The entire edition this article came from can be viewed here, with a few other copies too. Always fun to flick through.

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