Pikachu Hits 100+ Cards

So for my collection purposes I keep a database of each Pokemon’s cards with unique artwork. Upon adding the Pikachu Outbreak! XY-P promos to my list, Pikachu currently stands at 101 cards in my database and that’s not even including any super nitpicky variations like the red-cheeked Base Set Pikachu or background artwork variations like how the Japanese Pikachu World 2010 card came with a green or a blue background.


(The numbers below are just the card numbers assigned to the cards in my personal database.)
58 Base(/red cheeks)
162 Jungle
332 Vending Series 1 (WOTC Promo 27)
466 Gym Heroes
554 Vending Series 3 (Ooyama)
658 Gym Challenge
722 Video Intro Set
813 Neo Genesis
1404 Expedition
1693 Skyridge
1762 Natta Wake Birthday Pikachu
1763 Unnumbered Flying Pikachu ANA promo
1764 Birthday Pikachu (DP-BW era, Atsuko Nishida)
1765 Captain Pikachu
1788 Pikachu’s Summer Vacation
1789 Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Clefairy promo
1805 Pichu and Pikachu
1825 McDonald’s
1834 WOTC Promo 1
1837 WOTC Promo 4/Vending 00
1857 WOTC Promo 24 (Birthday)
1858 WOTC Promo 25/(ANA version with plane) - Flying
1859 WOTC Promo 26
1860 WOTC Promo 27 (Vending 1)
1861 WOTC Promo 28/(JP Stamp version with mountain) - Surfing
2007 Poke Card Creator
2079 Sandstorm
2283 Team Magma/Team Aqua
2515 FRLG
2798 PokePark Forest
2863 Emerald
2926 POP 2
3296 Legend Maker
3391 Holon Phantoms 78
3392 Holon Phantoms 79
3417 Holon Phantoms 104
3437 POP 4
3712 Power Keepers
3765 P Promo 4
3772 P Promo 21
3787 P Promo 38
3793 P Promo 44
3833 43/PCG-P
3887 Nintendo Promo 12
3910 Nintendo Promo 35
3927 POP 5 12
3928 POP 5 13
4156 Mysterious Treasures
4204 POP 6
4548 Majestic Dawn
4811 Stormfront
4850 11th Movie
5001 POP 9
5115 Rising Rivals Base reprint
5116 Rising Rivals Flying Pikachu reprint
5117 Rising Rivals Surfing Pikachu reprint
5243 Supreme Victors
5288 Pikachu M (Movie 12)
5377 Arceus
5424 Rumble
5447 DP-P Promo 98/101
5448 DP-P Promo 99/100/102
5459 DPt-P 43 (Pikachu M LV. X)
5479 DP Promo 16
5597 HGSS
5744 L-P Promo 79 (Shopping Pikachu)
5749 English Pikachu World
5750 Italian PW
5751 Korean PW
5752 Spanish PW
5753 Japanese PW (Blue)/(Green)
5754 German PW
5755 French PW
5756 Polish PW
5757 Portuguese PW
5820 Undaunted
6062 HGSS Promo 3
6199 BW 115
6453 Next Destinies
6783 Hitoshi Ariga BW-P Jumbo
6784 Kanako Eo Birthday Pikachu
6797 BW54
6799 120/BW-P
6813 151/BW-P
6910 Boundaries Crossed
7450 Exciting Battles
7603 Legendary Treasures (RC)
7695 229/BW-P
7741 XY
8002 Furious Fists (1/XY-P)
Naoki Saito Birthday Pikachu
*Himemaru BW-P Jumbo
Pitch’s Pikachu 1 (XY-P Unnumbered)
Pitch’s Pikachu 2 (XY-P Unnumbered)
Team Japan’s Pikachu (50/XY-P)
PokeTV’s AD Pikachu (56/XY-P)
Kanako Eo Pikachu 64/XY-P
Pikachu Outbreak! 68/XY-P
Pikachu Outbreak! 69/XY-P
Pikachu Outbreak! 70/XY-P

The only Pokemon who even comes close to Pikachu is Unown and, well, that’s sort of a cheat anyway because the TCG thought we needed Unown A-Z three different times before just going with generic Unown [word] cards in the HGSS block. Congrats on hitting 100, Pikachu! :open_mouth:


www.flickr.com/photos/58676239@N07/ “some” Pikachu cards collection scans.


So you know my difficult task to collect them all!

I have 232 different pikachus and counting! Missing some obvious easy to get ones too…


Dam, well he was the eventuated chosen face of Pokemon from the early days. Very impressive scans, and nice going on hitting 232! I am nowhere near that lol >.< NOWHERE!!

I’m still sad the original voice of Pikachu died a while ago.

Ikue Ohtani has been Pikachu’s voice actress since day one and is still very much alive! Only a handful of Japanese seiyuu have passed, the most major of which in terms of characters being Giovanni’s.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Otani-sensei several years ago. A delightful person.

I recorded the interview. She spoke about how, when the TV series was still being developed, there was discussion of having the Pokemon speak more than just their names. In other words, they would have speak in full sentences and have conversations just as Nyaasu (aka Meowth) does. Of course, that idea was ditched. But I asked Otani-sensei to give me an example of what Pikachu would sound like if the character did indeed speak full sentences. I keep an MP3 that part of the interview on my computer, and listen to it from time to time. It’s hilarious!

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Oh, I am sorry, I must of miss-read wrong something in the report I saw… I can’t even remember where I read it now, it was years ago.

Glad you we’re able to meet her, and she’s still kickin’!


Are you permitted to share that sound clip?

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