Pikachu 154/XY-P Bento Promo


Random curious question.
Does anyone have the promotional bento set the came with the sealed Pikachu 154/xy-p card? I was looking up value on the card and didn’t see anyone selling the set. I have the card and the lunchbox already but was just surprised no one selling the compete set on eBay, even from Japanese sellers.

Complete set means this yes? The lunch box is clean of course, but I believe the rest of the accessories are present.




Was just surprised I don’t see more sets since that how it was given out originally, minus the food in the box of course. Haha

People probably used the chopsticks to eat from the bento box, since it looked tempting in the promo photos. Then use the tissue :man_shrugging:


Hahaha I’ll accept that. Lol. Makes the set rarer? Yay

if you still have the food I’m sure that will sell for a premium :joy:
but seriously this is the best promo, you buy food and you get a Pokémon card. Japan is really amazing. Domino’s promo was probably similar buy pizza get snorlax or munchlax