Lego Movie Pikachu card

Anyone know where I could find one of these? It anyone have one they want to sell?

I have an extra I don’t mind selling. Message me. :blush:

EDIT: Are you overseas? I just looked on eBay and they are incredibly cheap if you’re in the US. It would probably actually just be best to snag one there.

You should honestly wait off on this purchase. Pokémon recently announced a European release of this promotional card here.

I would assume that the promotional Pikachu they are mentioning will be the same one. If not, THEN I would purchase the Lego movie one.

I’m located in the US. What search term did you use on eBay. I couldn’t find any. Maybe my eBay app is acting up. So maverick that would only be available in Europe correct?

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“Pikachu 42”

Then I just scrolled through and found the right ones.
I’ll inbox you a link.

Oh, I wasn’t sure! Yeah, I’d pull the trigger on this card on eBay ASAP since you are in the US. Just know that the market could be flooded with them again later, causing the price to shift.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about price shifts on a $3 movie promo, honestly. It’s worth that much just to add something nifty that you like to your collection, regardless of any minor market changes with more potentially arriving.

Ya thanks guys! Wish I had known about it sooner. I’m a big Lego fan so it makes sense to get the only Lego-Pokemon promo I’ve ever heard of.

Oh, how I wish they’d put special stamps on cards like these in the US. Having “LEGO Movie” or something like that stamped on it would increase the appeal to me 1000 times over.


I live in the US, went to see the Lego movie and there was no promo card nor any mention of a pokemon card. What is up with that?

And by GAME stores, does that mean gamestop?

Look at this dreamer over here!

This is where the good old english stamp would of been ideal. The Lego movie was a success and a stamp would of better captured that success.

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I agree it needs a promo stamp with “The Lego Movie” on it :grin:

I’m a bit confused. Is it anything about the LEGO-movie promo that sets it apart from it’s regular XY-set counterparts?

Ya it’s just a holo version of the common xy pikachu.
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Nope. You’re right.
Just a holofoil variation. And it’s individually sealed, too.

Ya that’s what I thought. Thanks funmonkey :blush: