Movie Promos + Illustrator

Hey guys,

Two questions:

  • I don’t remember which movie it was, but how much would it cost to get all of the movie promos which included the Pikachu M Lv. X and all? I dunno how many there are in the full set but I think there’s quite a bit.

  • Secondly, let’s say just hypothetically I wanted to buy an Illustrator. I read over the pricing thread of it and all so I know how much it’s worth, but would this community be able to get me in contact with someone who is willing to sell one?


  1. You’re thinking of last years movie. PCL rarely make things easy, so ‘how many is in the full set’ actually depends on your definition of set…
  • The easy part is that a ‘Movie Commemoration Random Pack’ was released - those are the boosters which form the main set. There are 22 cards in total - see

  • (Ash’s) Pikachu M Lv. X actually came from a blister pack which had some movie boosters. The two promos included in it were the Pikachu and Michina Temple

  • There are a number of alternate art versions of the Arceus and Spiky-ear Pichu. Both were part of illustration contests; I think on top of the movie versions, there are seven additional Pichu’s and eight of the Arceus. See for more details

Each part would be sold seperately - the 22 card set (+ Energies) sells for a reasonable price on eBay, and there are some on there now.

  1. Yes we would be willing to get you contact with someone who is willing to sell one, but this is actually a contentious issue at the moment…

And we know who to get in touch with.