Looking for 2009 arceus movie commemoration booster box.

I recently watched an online video and decided I loved this set and had to get my hands on it. If anyone has any info on it please let me know. I can’t find any on ebay and have to get my hands on it.

Me 2⃣

I want one to.

If anyone has any info on it please let me know.

I opened a lot of these booster packs back in the day, when I wanted a complete set myself. The most frustrating thing about it was, the abundant energies but so many duplicates. I caution anyone getting a box that you might not be able to complete a set because of those darn energies. It might be more financially beneficial to just purchase a complete set on ebay. I also found for me, when I got the packs, I had a lot more pichus than arceus. Though again it might’ve just been the packs I bought (I bought loose packs, and not an entire box). It was a really interesting set, and I somewhat wish I still would have them but I sold them to a collector a year or so ago. That being said, it is an amazing set. 10/10 would recommend. Also: People try and inflate the value of Pikachu Lv. X and Michina Temple, however both cards together should only cost around $15-20. If someone is selling the Pikachu Lv X for $40-50 it is probably Gem Mint, but you can definitely pick up a nearmint copy for around 1500-2000JPY on Y!J. :grin:

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I have the sealed pikachu lv x blister, and complete sets of these gem mint.

Hey guys, I’m looking only for energies lot from this set (all eight types). If you got them and willing to sell - shoot me an offer via PM! Thanks!

I need the water,dark,steel, fire, fighting, and psychic energies from this set. And 1 Arceus the one with the most colors (not the one in the sky nor the one with building colums in the background). If anyone has these for trade please let me know.

Also, I don’t think I can or should buy a box/packs so here is something helpful. I think Ebay seller poly Japan (cant recall full username) had some boxes in recent months. This seller may have packs: deme-hoyos , might be worth contacting either.

poly_100 or Paper Moon Japan? Is that who you were thinking of @binx345

Not sure, 1 of them had some boxes at 1 time - maybe even both.

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It’s the same user @binx345 just a matter of if I got poly_100 right. I never remember if they are 0’s or o’s so I decided to post their shop name too :blush: