PichuFan's Pichu collection - 82/124 PSA 10

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Figured I’d share my collection. I accidentally had my camera set up to capture absolutely massive images, so I’ve used the large-sized Imgur thumbnails in this post. To see the full-size image, just open the image in a new tab and remove the “l” just before the “.jpg” at the end of the URL.

I’ve had my eye on Pichu since my parents took me to a market once when I was about 10 or 11 and one of the stalls had, for whatever reason, one Japanese Neo Genesis Pichu for sale - I wasn’t allowed to have it! Fast forward a few years and the first Pichu I got my hands on was from the Expedition Base Set in early 2003; I was at my friend’s house and his younger sister had just opened a booster pack which had it in. I’d completely missed the Neo series at this point and this was the first e-Reader card I’d ever seen. I traded her a holo Clefable and Butterfree from Jungle for it.

I’ve set up a Google Sheets page listing the cards I have (and still need). You can find that here if you’re interested: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/128UdcSeI7QNm30k-vgoY2Jw0e2Qyfuj4dLhDb4Op-oY

PSA 10s
These are my PSA 10-graded cards. None of these were graded by me. These are loosely in date order.

This one is my favourite Pichu. The artwork has never been released in English.

I also have the Neo Premium File 2 Pichu in PSA 10, but PSA labelled it incorrectly, so I’ve not included it here.

Ready to be graded
These cards are cards I’ve had in my collection for a long time which I’m soon sending off to get graded. These ones are specifically the cards which I think have a high chance of being graded a 10 (fingers crossed!).

The backs of the cards above:

The artwork for the card on the end is my efour avatar.

Jumbo cards
Banana Regular card for scale.

Non-TCG cards
Feel free to ask me what some of these are. I’m not 100% certain on all of them though!

In the bottom right is a Lawson card which there are several varieties of. At the moment I only have this one, but will follow up shortly with some more pictures as I’ve got a whole load of them arriving in the post in the coming week.

Of the red-bordered cards (GBA Gum Cards) I’m missing only one: No. 201 (Jirachi). I went a bit mad and spent almost $250 on a big box of loads of these and several other types of card (1000+). Hopefully soon I’ll be able to share some pictures of those as well.

I’ve recently started collecting these Adventure Cards separately. They completely messed up the numbering though, as most of these cards are released in sets of 9 which can be put together to make a picture on the back… but at some point they released a set with more than 9 cards, meaning binders no longer reveal the full picture, but instead a broken one. Will share pictures of that at a later point as I don’t have it with me at the moment.

I only started collecting these about 2 months ago.

I love this one. It’s from Poképark in 2005, and I bought it expecting it to be in used condition. Instead it’s brand new and sealed in a pack with a 2005 “For Sale in Japan” sticker on the back.

It’s hard to tell from the picture but the 6 cards above were all damaged during shipping and all have a crease. You can sort of see it on the card in the top right, just above Cleffa’s foot. I’m missing 4 cards from this set that I’m aware of.

Aside from the ANA postcard, I have no idea what year the other three were available from the Pokémon Center. If anyone knows what year these are from, I’d love to know.

This one is from 2018! Pichu has been somewhat neglected for the past 7 years, but I’m glad it still features every now and then.

These cards are from my collection but aren’t PSA 10-worthy.


Dedication! Very nice.

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So dam awesome, really nice showcase. I love seeing Pichu collections, I have a customer in Australia who also collects Pichu haha…

She has a cool collection with alot of toys rather than cards though. His such a cute character. :blush:

Your cards are epic. I like the fan club artworks


Those E3 2002Promo’s(?) though… IF they get graded i would love to buy that hoppip off you

If they don’t get graded i would still buy 'm :wink:

Sick collection, love all these different artworks- be sure to post them goodGrades you gonna hit!

If you are looking to buy this guy has a bunch


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They arrived! I don’t have my camera at hand at the moment, so apologies for the potato quality. Will follow up with better pictures in future:

Here is a link to the full resolution image.

I was only expecting to receive 11 cards - the 9 Pichus and a couple of Pikachu ones, but for some reason I was sent 20 of them. I ran out of top loaders! Certainly can’t complain. They’re all in brilliant condition.

I’d love to know how many I’m now missing from this set - especially if there are any more Pichu cards. Prior to a few weeks ago I was only aware of the one I already had in my collection existing. They’re all commemorating the Pikachu Movie 2000 and I believe they came with the sealed packs of Lawson Pokémon cards. @ocghp has a picture of the back of them in their collection thread: www.elitefourum.com/t/ocghps-stuff-sealed-unlimited-korean-base-set/14322/200.


Awesome collection. I love the Lucky Stadium card and those Fukuyama post cards!

The Pal City set is one of my favorites, and I’m glad someone liked the Pikachu and Pichu card too :blush:

Awesome collection!

Purchased a box of assorted Japanese cards which arrived last week, wasn’t expecting anything, but I managed to obtain 2 new Pichus.

Firstly, 3 of these Diamond & Pearl stickers:

And secondly, the ‘HP60’ variant of this Meiji card, which I had no idea existed:

I wonder if there are any other variants of this card?

@aetsen shared this image on Discord earlier:

I had no idea this promo was about to happen, nor that it would feature a Pichu (sort of), so I’ve now picked up one of my own for the collection. It’s from the School Festival 2018 event (学園祭) which is currently happening across schools in Japan throughout this month (1st-30th November).

If anyone’s interested, here are the cards from last year’s event, which I also picked up a set of:

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No PSA 11’s? Bleh.

J/k Love your collection.

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Nice collection!

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Great collection, I always love seeing collections that are not always repetitive (Charizard). I have said this in multiple threads, its just nice to see a change :blush:

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New pop 2 addition to the family:


…and another new pop 2 addition:

The PSA case on this one is quite scuffed, which is a shame, but I’m overall very happy to have it in my collection.

My camera’s battery died, so I decided to scan this one. Not as nice of an image, but saved a lot of time having to set my camera up nicely - might just scan them in future.

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Three pop 2s in a row… This is the latest addition:

There are currently no PSA 10 reverse versions of this card. I’m hoping to change that at some point this year though as I have a pretty flawless ungraded copy.


I love your non-tcg side :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Picked up a couple of the Pokémon Fan Club cards from the new Double Blaze expansion:

It’s the same artwork as the Ultra Sun version, which is a shame. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for when the English version of Double Blaze releases.

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New PSA 10 addition:

I held off from buying one of these a couple of years ago when they were around £20 each because I figured they’d always be that price, but suddenly the price shot up to £100+ last year. They’re a much healthier price in 2019 though.

I’ve started sharing images of my collection on a new Instagram account I’ve set up: www.instagram.com/pichucollector