PC: 1st Edition Clefairy (French) HOLO BLEED

Pics: Clefairy 1st Edition HOLO BLEED imgur.com/gallery/tsL55vG

As far as I can tell, no other holo bleed 1st edition Clefairy exists (in any language).

Where would I even begin in pricing this? It’s not in Mint condition, but it is in what I’d call very good condition.

Holo bleed is not common but not extremely rare. I am pretty sure I have already seen other base set Clefairy with holo bleed but could not find the picture.
For pricing, this is French, not in very good condition, holo bleed maybe adds 20-30% on the price so maybe €500 ? Don’t really know but do not imagine holo bleed adds a lot of value to it.

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I would say it’s the price of a normal LP/EX French clefairy 1st ed with the added bonus that it might sell quicker due to the bleed. I have no idea where the other guy got a 30% premium

I say that because I know that some holo bleed cards do sell for a higher price than the normal variation. What I do not know is if it’s the case for base set holo bleed cards :blush:
of course the 30% number was totally randomly said. You are right on the fact that it would sell quicker, that’s why it is not dumb to imagine selling it a little bit higher.
and as I said « do not imagine holo bleed adds a lot of value ». It always depends on the demand. If there are people ready to pay more for a holo bleed card then why not (I know one fellow French collector who bought a holo bleed card for more than its usual value because he loves this card and absolutely wanted it)

Very nitch and not in good condition to add a huge premium imo. Afaik the other base holo bleed holos I saw were also french

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Holo bleeds multiply better on cards people actually want.
For a light played foreign bleed on one of the least popular base holos I can’t imagine the premium would be much more than non-existent. As always with these extremely niche things there’s always a chance you find the perfect buyer who will pay far above anyone else but I wouldn’t hold my breath in this case