P/C Nidoking PSA 9 1st Edition Gray Stamp

I’ve come across a Nidoking PSA 9 1st edition gray stamp and am curious how much everyone values the card.

It looks like the regular version of the card is going for $400-$500 but valuing the gray stamp is a bit trickier and after some help. Thoughts everyone?

Roughly $600-$700, but the buyer pool for high grade gray stamps is extremely small. There are maybe five active collectors with gray stamp set interest and only one that I know has an interest in high graded ones.

@gemmintpokemon :wink:


I’ve been paying a 25% premium give or take for grey stamps. I paid $550 for a Hitmonchan PSA 9 which would be the closest/most recent comparable. I would be willing to match the price if you’re open to selling. Feel free to DM.


Yeah I haven’t bought it I only came across it yesterday, it may well be the same card! I am hoping to get the card though it is a beauty and the fact it is a gray stamp is awesome.

It looks like 20-25% premium is what people think it is worth though it is a real niche area haha. Thank you guys