Outstanding PSA Orders with Ludkins Collectables USA

Funnily enough it’s for my most recent (lol) sub with them. One from March 2021 right under the price increase PSA did back then.


Do you know what your submission number was? A group order or an individual? I submitted as part of a group order in February 2021 and mine is 230G-K. Just trying to gauge where they’re at in the process.

It’s marked INDVL-ECON 2 though it wasn’t large enough to go solo. Maybe they submitted stuff solo anyway due to the special circumstances of March 2021


I’m also in INDVL-ECON2 and I got the email today [:


Cheers to the INDVL-ECON2 party!

I have a bulk sub still outstanding that I had sent out at the same time as that one; I wonder how they’re picking out which orders to process first.

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I’ve got some Fukudo autos with Ludkins too. Have you been following the pop reports on your cards?

One is a Gold Star Alakazam, was at 4 long ago and ticked up to 5 like a year ago and is now 6. I stopped following long ago.

But the other is a Guzzlord shiny from Hidden Fates, which isn’t on the POP report as an authenticated card. That’s concerning. Maybe it’s time to email Ludkins.

This sub arrived today. All 60xx certs. Just wish it was one of my bigger ones LOL

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I haven’t heard anything since the first returns incoming email for mine yet; I would have thought they’d ship everything from the same order at the same time. Maybe there’s just a lot of people in the order and they haven’t gotten to everyone yet.

Will all orders be shipped back by the end of December? That’s the lingering question in my mind


Remember when we had the 4-6 week timeline like several months ago? :rofl:


I got my group sub (econ) back today

3 individuals submission, 1 upcharged not yet incoming, the other 2 still MIA.

What was your group submission name?

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