Original Tropical Wind Card (condition vs price)


so this card just came up

they describe it as such :“This card has two soft creases on the back”

I obviously think that this is overpriced because of this, but they don’t bother me. I would just love some help on what to actually offer though.

I know that 800 doesn’t make sense, as I had arranged a deal for a psa 9 copy for only 200$ more than that and had to back out when the pikachu trophy had come up on the market

any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

It is difficult to put an exact price on this card in this condition. Even with graded examples, there are not many sold references to give an accurate range. It is a significantly rare card even with the damage. There are less copies of this card in the POP Report than University Magikarps. Also probably less copies of this card awarded than the Unikarp.

I would personally pay $500 at most for this copy. However, that does not represent a fair market value, as there is no real way to provide such a thing.

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personal opinions are all I can ever ask of people ;] thanks as always Scott my man

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I’d guess maybe a hundred per grade. If it’s a 5 then 500, a 6 maybe 600…

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If you want a PSA 9 copy for $1,000 I could hook you up.

Looks more like a 4 tbh, those creases aren’t what I would call soft and idk if it’s just me but the card looks a bit dirty too.


I sold a TMB Wind that had some bad indents on the back for $350.

Not doubt in my mind it was going to be a 5 or lower since the centering wasn’t too nice either

Thank you to everyone for the input =)

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like this guy is going to let the card go for something that I consider reasonable

@cullers I appreciate that, though can’t really drop a full 1k at the moment. When I can ill be sure to check with you first

Use ebay as your second optionidge to look at stuff if your a Japanese collector. Nuff said ಠ_ಠ
Unless you have no other way of getting it.
Its good to check ebay everyday though, because good deals do pop up very rarely. However I think ebay is much better for engrish, and basically the main source for english collectors.

Also it is possible to get awesome deals on ebay through annoying people in private messages if that extremely rare deal comes along, because 50/50 chance they are hiding some realy good stuff.
Until you run in to my listings… Because I’m the greatest, however I go outside ebay almost every time.

Thing is, I notices a lot more Japanese stuff is popping up on ebay which is awesome, I wish more Japanese collectors started there own ebay business xD

I do that as well, I had seen lower condition tmb tropical winds sell as low as 250$ in what was quoted as psa 5 condition, though I could never know for sure. Just wanted to see some people I trust’s opinion

I’ve tried to win some of your cards in the past =p a Ho-oh semi recently

That’s because I’m Kewl

You know ebay is still awesome, I just wish there was a much bigger market for japanese there… Hopefully this flooding keeps on going. You know I was on ebay all the way up till june last year before i discovered yahoo. Ebay is were i got my no raritan venusaur… So yeah. PSA 10. I mean it is the place you must check, but its hard to seal a deal often or regulerz. A seller must think of 10% plus th 4% paypal fee to add to the price.

I don’t know about you but the fees and postage along with the potential customs charge actually makes yahoo quite pricey for me to use. I basically can’t buy cheap singles from there because of this.

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@cullers man i love that gif as your avatar!

hmm price of these are all over the place in my opinion… i think it’s overvalued, i’ve seen lots on yja with the card in it go quite cheap… around $400 usd in 2015, not sure what the condition was, but sometimes you can take a risk on those sketchy auctions. I’m not endorsing those auctions, or saying to do it, just they do pop up from time to time.

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is the e series copy a lot harder to find?

Yes, the E-series copy is hands down the rarest. Here is a video I made a video of all the tropical wind cards.

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@kkthxbai Thank you, it took some time to make but it was worth it.

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