Opinions and advice on Ultra Pro magnetic cases

I’m going to be purchasing a heavy duty case for a valuable card in the very near future. I know NOTHING about quality and best cases to buy so I could definetly use some input. Right now i’m leaning towards the ultra pro magnetic cases.

Anyone use these? if so, are they worth buying? What pt is suitable for a pokemon card? 35? 55? please help!

Are there better hard cases out there?

There are better ones out there → psa :blush:

@hapycakeoven – I have purchased a few of these unique magnetic card cases in special circumstances, primarily for rare cards or cards whose original containment unit was a hard case.

If you ultimately decide to purchase and utilize these special cases, I have discovered that the Ultra Pro Specialty Series Magnetic One-Touch® Cases (35 pt) are an excellent substitute for the majority of hard card storage units. In general, Pokémon Trading Cards are 35 pt (i.e. 35 pt refers to the degree of stock card thickness). I have attempted to utilize other types of hard cases, including screw-down cases – a hard case with a single screw in the top centre of the unit. I personally loathe these cases because they scratch easily and do not offer UV protection. In any circumstance, it is highly recommended that individuals purchase hard cases with recessed cavities; this shields the card from unnecessary and/or asymmetrical pressure.

As @pokeg previously mentioned, PSA offers the best protection jackets in the industry; each casing is virtually waterproof, delivers ultraviolet and physical damage protection, and exhibits minimal or zero internal movement. A negative aspect pertaining to recessed hard cases (including magnetic cases), is the extraneous movement experienced by the card inside. The majority of recessed card holders have excess space around the card edges; your card may receive edge/corner whitening if it is handled too often.

Is it worth it? It depends on personal preference. I honestly do not use hard cases often unless it is a special situation or the card’s initial state was previously encapsulated. I prefer a combination of penny sleeves and top loaders. I recommend purchasing one magnetic case for a test card and observe your feelings towards it. The choice is yours :blush:

Thanks guys! that’s excellent feedback. As far as PSA cases are concerned, I’m not too keen on them. just a personal preference.

@uniqueusername thank your for your input, you answered all my questions. Plus I didnt even think about just buying one and testing the waters with another card!

@hapycakeoven – You’re welcome! I’m always glad to provide assistance and answer relative inquiries. I wish you the best of luck in your future collecting endeavours :blush:

The magnet cases are usually the go to move for more valuable items. They are very nice. I use them on sports memorabilia cards. They are very popular with sports cards.

@viperfox – I agree! The clear finish possesses amazing clarity and ultimately enhances the card encased within. I think it showcases the card perfectly :blush:

you are both referring to the ultra pro right? are there other brands that are better or does ultra pro take the cake?

@hapycakeoven – I cannot speak for @viperfox, yet my personal favourite brand for magnetic cases is Ultra Pro.

ok one more question: you say the 35pt is suitable for the thickness of a pokemon card. is this including a penny sleeve? how much thicker is the 55pt?

@hapycakeoven – No; The 35 pt measurement exclusively pertains to the card itself without accessories (i.e. penny sleeves). In addition, it is physically impossible to properly fit a sleeved card inside a magnetic case; the sleeve edges exceed the recessed cavity parameters. Ergo, the magnetic case will behave similar to a hard case without a recessed depression. I have witnessed a few card collectors that actually indulge in this practice to prevent extraneous movement within the magnetic case. I personally do not recommend this action as it has the potential to inflict physical deformation damage. I think this practice is fine for low rarity cards, yet not for valuable ultra rare cards. It honestly depends on your personal preference and your confidence in card precision skills.

In regards to your second inquiry, a 55 pt card is slightly thicker than a Topps Chrome Card; it is quite a bit thicker than a regular Pokémon Trading Card. The 35 pt magnetic hard case holder was primarily designed for surface protection. The height of the magnetic cylinder ensured front slab clearance. This design essentially prevents scratching from occurring, in addition to keeping the card from dropping forward when handled; a 55 pt hard case unit would be too deep for a 35 pt card. If you are unfamiliar with Topps Chrome, perhaps this image will elicit nostalgic memories :blush:

@unique Username,

Do you think a perfect fit sleeve would work in conjunction with the magnetic Ultra Pro case? :blush:

@soulwind – I believe the aforementioned proposal is a cautiously tentative yes. Please forgive my pragmatic speech as it delves into mathematical geometry.

A standard Pokémon trading card measures (63 mm x 88 mm) [as per industry standards, please interpret these dimensions as (width x height)]. The Ultra Pro Specialty Series Magnetic One-Touch® Case’s recessed cavity measures (64 mm x 89 mm). Therefore, the depression allows for 1 mm of parameter allowance between the card and its accompanying accessory. In reality, it is 0.5 mm on every side due to its centering inside a sleeve.

The measurements of a regular penny sleeve can vary. In my experience, penny sleeves exhibit measurements between (65 mm - 66 mm) x (90 mm - 93 mm). These extraneous dimensions do not permit collocation between a sleeved card and a magnetic case. In comparison, a “perfect fit” sleeve (e.g. Ultra Pro Standard “Pro Fit”) measures (64 mm x 89 mm) – an exact proportioned duplicate of the magnetic case.

Does this indicate its success? I honestly cannot be confident in declaring yes or no. If two objects possess identical measurements and require to be installed parallel in depth in an area representing its exact dimensions, it theoretically should work. In the majority of circumstances, one object must be slightly smaller in order to fit within the other object. I believe it honestly depends on the material’s ease of installation. For example, wood can be tricky to apply replicate dimensions to; fences often require ≥ 1 mm between every board; this is a result of the wood’s abrasive texture. In comparison, stones are perfect for replicating dimensions. I believe the smooth texture allows two identical pieces to properly fit next to each other. Plastic should demonstrate similar characteristics, yet the sharp edges of the sleeve may prove challenging.

I do not have any Ultra Pro Standard “Pro Fit” sleeves, so perhaps a member can experiment for us to evaluate its success :blush:

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I personally do not like the magnetic cases at all! They open to easily if bumped ! (atleast i think so!)
I use the screw down cases that have 4 screws! That way it is secure on every corner and there is no way it will open and get damaged.
And as far as the “scratching the case” goes, i have a solution for that too! :blush: These cases im talking about are just as tall as a normal psa case. So you can just buy the normal sleeves people use for the psa graded cards. This does work, i use it for most of my cards i dont have graded.

Below is a picture of my players espeon gold star. I had it in that case and sleeve i was telling you about above^ for 3 years. Everything was perfectly secure about it. I recently sent it in for grading, and in got a psa gem mint 10!! So i know this does work great!!
Hope i helped, sorry if anyone disagrees! :blush:

I ordered a 35pt magnetic so i’m going to test the waters with pro-fit sleeves. How snug would a double sleeved card fit into a 55pt?

The 4 screw down case actually looks pretty elegant now that i’m seeing it in photo. Kind of makes me want to get a plaque :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone have any input on a classy looking plaque?

@hapycakeoven – A double-sleeved card would likely be too tight for a recessed magnetic case, regardless of point thickness. I would try one “perfect fit” sleeve and observe how it works.

I think plaques look nice, although the regular screw-down hard cases are my least favourite due to reasons stated in my original post. There are vertical self-erecting plaques you can buy with nice screws that require less torque and/or no screwdriver. I’d offer a brand, yet my local store does not currently possess plaques in their inventory. I only own original trophy plaques requested by tournament coordinators, which are probably manufactured in Japan.

I agree with pokecardcollector. Magnetic cases open very easily. They are fine to tape down and ship with. I have smaller magnets that have more magnetic force than the card holders. I use a screw down card holder with, a soft card holder. This gives the card quarter of a centimeter on all sides to move. The card holder I use is ultrapro 1 screw. I put the screw through the top of the soft card holder. Only thing is, when I want to take it out I cut the soft card holder. My method cost $1.02.

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ok so i just got my magnetic case in and i see what everybody is saying. The magnet is pretty weak. I tested the fit with a card and was unhappy about the wiggle room, however with a tight fit penny sleeve the card fit perfectly and didn’t wiggle inside the case. I have a 4 screw case on its way as well, so i will see which one is better for my purposes. thanks everyone for your input and advice!