Ultra Pro One Touch?

Are these any good for preserving valuable cards? I checked online and they have decent reviews, but I wanted opinions from you collectors.

The reason I’m asking is I bought a Base holo lot recently, so I have 16 spare but I don’t know if I should even bother using them. I usually put everything in semi rigids or top loaders. They weigh a TON too, that package was super heavy for just 16 holos. I would never ship using them.

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The problem with one touch cases is the card can easily shift around in them. They are a lot more common with modern day sports cards. Most of the expensive sports card I buy will come in one touch cases. I personally do not care for them unless I’m displaying a card and I know it won’t be shifting around at all!

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This is false if you penny sleeve the cards.

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I’ve thought about using these too as I don’t like the way top loaders get covered in those tiny scratches. Anybody else have thoughts on these?

I use kmc perfect fit and ultra pro deck protector for double sleeving. Would the double sleeved cards fit into the up one touch holder? Which thickness would be good? 35pt or more?

I found a review of them on YouTube. They look pretty sleek for displaying cards you don’t want to get graded. The 35 point is apparently snug enough for a sleeveless card. Might want to go up a size or two for sleeved cards.

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They’re dope just get them.

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They definitely do not fit double sleeved iside the smallest size cases (35pt), you can try 55pt. But you don’t really need to double sleeve the cards since they will be sufficiently protected by the case and penny sleeve. In my experience penny sleeve plus the case equals zero movement of the card. I have some graded cards that shift with even the slightest tap, that’s never the case with my one touches (pun unintended).

Okay, I assume Penny sleeves are as sleek as perfect fits. I’ll order a few and try them out. Do you use them to display your cards or store them?

Edit: Took a closer look at your picture. Are those cards in the background all stored in the holders? And do you put them in plastics bags to protect them from scratches? That box looks also pretty tight, too.

Yes they’re all encased. Penny sleeve, one-touch Case, case bag into a cardboard box. I have 180 cards in one three row box. I really like it. I do not display them.

Are you using the 35 pts? I’m probably gonna splurge and buy 50 after the holidays. I see the best deal on eBay is 50 for $53. Are there any better deals to be had?

That’s an excellent deal, go for it. I pay about $26 a box. That’s because I buy a lot of them so the store hooks me up.

I don’t have any Pokemon cards in any but I love the look of them with sports cards, also get the little plastic legs to display them. I put a ProFit sleeve on a Pokemon card and it just fits into the 35pt holders and doesn’t move around. Once I find all my good kush Pokemon cards I will throw a few in One Touches to display.

Definitely get the poly bags for them, they still can be scratched. Also can help some should it fall or drop to not open up the case.