Official Pokemon TCG collection contest

Found this official contest for those in the UK, France, and Germany (check rules for other locations). Seems pretty fun.


My collection is a lot of non-modern graded, factory errors, niche cards or autographs. It’s funny to think none of these would really work.

WOTC cards are probably never going to win due to the history between the two companies. I imagine they aren’t super excited about promoting a grading company either. Errors will stand out but again its just a showcase of QC failures. Niche valuable cards will not get the popularity vote.

I can’t enter anyway, but I just thought it’s funny how hard it would be to find a winning picture without owning many modern singles


Ive seen some amazing collection layouts here and on reddit but I agree that it would be difficult to get a popular vote for them with a single photo. I was hoping we could help some users out if they listed their entry number.

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Has anyone actually had their entry accepted yet? I’ve submitted like 20 uploads, but no email yet.

They say it takes up to 72 hours for your image to be evaluated and eventually getting accepted.

I think it’s a fun idea overall. I just uploaded a bunch of (imho) nice artist binder pages, mostly all JPN vintage. I wonder if they get any votes, if they even get accepted.

The voting process is pretty tedious, though, at least on mobile phone. It seems (although I’m not 100% positive) that those pics that already have the most votes get displayed first, which would obviously be a tremendous unfair adavntage and a positive feedback loop, since nobody is going to browze through all 800+ uploads. They should be randomized.

Edit: scratch that, I just noticed you can select in which order they are shown (newest, oldest, most votes, random). All good.

They have started to accepted them now for me.

All my collection is now in boxes for moving, but if any one wants a gander of how I displayed my cards (here’s a random assortment of images still on my phone).

#19411 (only one card in this image) - #19411 - Pokémon TCG

#19527 - #19527 - Pokémon TCG

#19554 - #19554 - Pokémon TCG

#26913 - #26913 - Pokémon TCG (what one side of a small room looked like. All 4 walls were close to this).


Thats a really clean set up, I like the frames that you have for everything.

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Very nice pics! I’ve actually seen them by scrolling through, as they’ve been uploaded somewhat close to my own photos.
I figured I’d force some older Japanese cards into the competition if nobody else is doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Many (but not all) of those photos were already shared on e4 at some point.


While I think it should not be limited to only 3 countries there is more discrimination.
I tried to enter my day of birth. LOL to old to get in.

So wrong country, wrong age, can it get worse?