Pokemon Art Academy Cards Collection

Just wanted to share my updated collection with you guys. I do believe that I have the biggest collection at the moment of these gorgeous cards. It’s been difficult tracking some down, but its been fun all the same.

I am always looking to buy/trade more so please get in touch if you know anyone :blush:

I was very lucky to obtain the space Pikachu and out of the full 22, it is still my favorite x






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Thank you :blush:

seriously I’m jealous. I got into contact with the Chespin winner a few weeks ago but he never emailed me back.

I guess my baker pikachu and delphox will never have any new friends lol

Yes some are taking a break from selling atm. Think I was very lucky in contacting them at the right time lol.

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Where’d you get space Pikachu!?

Those are some quality additions for sure

Baker Pikachu will be selling end of January I believe.

edit: I meant the one by Rhivern

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The Space Pikachu wants to remain anonymous :blush:


I’m glad I personally decided not to go after these cards after seeing what a challenge obtaining them can be! To have almost half of the “set” is fully amazing!


When are you gonna grade them?

PSA won’t grade the non-Japanese ones at this time :slightly_frowning_face:

OT: Damn, that’s some serious detective work put in. Really impressive indeed :blush:


Fantastic stuff! While I really don’t enjoy any of the cards myself (sorry!) I can appreciate the massive amount of effort that goes into tracking all of the winners down. Your collection is really one of a kind!


I personally don’t like grading rather keep them in their original form :blush:

I SEE! If you dont put them double sleeved then in toploader, and then into toploader binder im going to have to steel them from you…

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You also can’t grade the non-Japanese winning entries @pokemonsyndicate

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I hope this changes in time aye.

Incredible that you were able to obtain all of these! You definitely did your homework and I’m sure an incredible amount of time and money into this. Wicked impressed!


Anonymous or not if someone wants to middleman for me with the space pikachu I’d be incredibly appreciative.