Nov 29th - Dec 6th, 2014 - Regirock - XY-P Promo

Card of the week - Nov 29th - Dec 5th, 2014Regirock - XY-P Promo

This is one of the new types of cards that will be released in the XY5 set. They are cards with ‘Ancient Traits’ and have a new type of artwork. That is not quite Full Art but shows a lot more than the Regular style of artwork. Personally I think they awesome and expect to see some cool illustrations for them.

What do you guys think of this new style of card?
(There are 3 other released images of cards with this new style: )

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I think they’re nice, but contributing to an overcrowding of the TCG. Lets just list all the types of “special” cards in the Primal Clash set: Ancient cards, regular ex, full art ex, full art supporter, mega ex, primal reversion ex, secret rare mega ex, and probably secret rare primal reversion ex. I think that’s a bit too much and nor really what people wanted. Just give us our full art megas or shiny cards and I’ll be happy!

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I like them, but I am still stuck in 2003-2005.

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I feel like with the card being as close to full art as it is, they might as well have just gone all the way. In another thread I said that I liked this new style, but the more I look at it the more I think it just looks lazy. That said, Two thirds of the card still looks nice, I just feel like the 1/3 of the card that they neglect looks bland.