Noppin purchase question

I saw an auction for 65000 buy it now.
I clicked place bid for 65000

now on my auction list it says ongoing but on the auction page it says bidding has ended. The item ended right after I confirmed the bid.
Does this mean I won the item?
where do I pay for it?

Yup you won the item. Noppin will update every morning on successful bids and you will be notified with payment options when they have done so. The delay is so they can combine shipping if you have won items from the same seller I believe. Hope this helps :blush:

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Thanks! When I have the option to pay. does Noppin consider the initial deposit when trying to bid?

The initial deposit is a safety feature for Noppin and is only there for setting the max amount you can bid using their service. When you go to pay, that initial deposit does not factor into your bill in any way.

Of course, that initial deposit is not just eaten up by Noppin permanently, you can request to withdraw it (exact amount you put in, no fees) when you’re done with using Noppin temporarily or permanently (you just wanted to buy one item through Noppin).

As correctly pointed out by @chok, you’ve indeed won it and Noppin updates prices once every 24 hours.

Here is some more general information about Noppin (although it didn’t include this question of yours tbh):