No Damage Ninetales Value Depending on conditions?

I think I remember one selling for apprx. in the $300 range around October last year. I think the market is so small for them that in played condition maybe $150 with patience. Otherwise in Near Mint condition you could fetch over $300 with a lot of patience

You discovered this after buying a lot? nice

Whats the condition look like? Are you able to provide close-up photos of the front and back?

Just a heads up it’ll probably take an extremely long time to sell this card (but who knows, you could get lucky). It took me about 8 months to sell my No Stage Blastoise, a similar error card.

Should be interesting to see if the seller actually goes through or if he sends a regular version. Good luck, keep us posted - I can’t wait to see it!

@gemmintpokemon Might want to have a word with you if you get it and it’s mint.

Never know, they could turn out to be great, particularly if theyd been stored in sleeves their whole lives.

I’ll grade it for you for free. Just send me pics of the card first to make sure it has a decent chance of getting a high grade. A 9 or 10 & you’re cashing in pretty quick. Anything lower & it’ll sit for awhile if you’re asking a lot.

Yeah those scratches on the front are a real shame, considering the back looks great from the photos provided. I’d probably keep it ungraded, but its a great find nevertheless that’s for sure

I’ve been selling worse condition ones PSA authenticated for $300 regularly. I just sold a PSA 8 for $750. I’d go for $150-$300 for ungraded.

5-6 based on what I can see.

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