Ninetales no dmg error psa 9 value


I am negotiating a purchase for a no damage psa 9 ninetales and I haven’t been able to find much sales data. Does anyone know of any public or private sales that have occurred recently that would be a good offer point? (This is not a buy thread)

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Pretty close to whatever a buyer is willing to spend. My best guess is around 1500 dollars though.

I disagree a psa 4 sold for 660. PSA doesnt grade them anymore, they are extremely rare to even find in that good of condition for sale. I dont know how much but I’d guess more than 1500. Just a random guess here but 4k plus would be where I would see it at now a days.

Here are some recent figures for you; these are all cards that I’ve recently purchased (Within the Past 6ish Months):

2x PSA 2 No Damage = $300.00 Ea. and 2x PSA 6 No Damage = $500.00 Ea. (4x Card Bundle Deal for $1,600.00)
2x PSA 8 No Damage = $1,600.00 Ea. (2x Card Bundle Deal for $3,200.00)
1x PSA 9 No Damage = $2,500.00

Personally, I consider $250.00 to be the absolute bottom-dollar on the No Damage Cards - no matter how rough the card! I typically value PSA 1 and 2 Copies around $300.00, PSA 3 and 4 Copies around $400.00, PSA 5 and 6 Copies around $500.00, PSA 7 Copies around $750.00 to $1,000.00, PSA 8 Copies around $1,500.00, and PSA 9 Copies around $2,500.00 to $3,000.00.


I remember I found one of these in a stack of cards at a shop my friend took me to in 2009. It was probably about PSA 5 quality and cost $0.50. Sold it in 2010 for $375!


Is there a huge mark up if yours slips through psa’s system? I have one in maybe psa 7ish quality but feel a bit guilty I can’t grade it

BGS will grade it and so in this case i would suggest using them. I would like to grade mine through them at some point as well.

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PSA 9 or Mint quality ungraded 2000.00-2500.00
PSA 8 or NM/M quality ungraded 1200.00-1500.00

Psa 10 Ghost Pikachu: Priceless


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I ended up paying 3400 on it :blush: I paid more than suggested but very happy with the card!


Congratulations! For some of these rare items it´s absolutely worth it to pay up, as you might have a very hard time finding another one.